What's your favorite exercise? - Aside from shitposting and Autism


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Climbing up hills and mountains for the view, before doing a jog down. Just taking a moment to admire the scenery is one of the most authentic things in life.
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Squats and overhead press are big taste. I like diamond pushups alot but I've been doing more dumbbell flyes for inner pectorals and I think I like them better. I have retard form with russian twists though holy shit I should kms


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Strict military press in the squat area. Warm up with 60kg, do main sets with 80kg then max out at 1 set (usually 4th) of 3-5 reps with 100kg. Goal is the standard beginner strongman 3 set x 6 reps @ 120kg. I'll stop there because I don't want to damage my shit.

If you want to have DELTS you do dis.

I also enjoy sitting dumbell presses.
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I've been running regularly for a long time, I like workouts where I can get out of the house and go be in nature. Recently I've found that skateboarding is a good workout. (Especially because I'm not very good, so flailing around like a tard when I lose my balance gives me that extra caloric burn!) From how my legs feel I think you use different muscles while pushing/balancing than running, so my legs are getting a more complete workout from both running and skating.

When I was lifting regularly I liked barbell rowing and curls. I keep some dumbells in my room so I can get curls in but they haven't exactly gotten a lot of use lately. ;)


I've been beginning to like bench the most since it's the only lift that's still progressing. All my diddly variants are capped by my grip strength, I'm afraid to squat very heavy because my knees, and my OHP has been stalled for like 3 weeks.
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