What’s your favorite flavor combination? -

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Mozzerella sticks and BBQ. I don't like marinara sauce, but BBQ is good, and it uses the same base (tomatoes). Actually, a lot of things go good with BBQ.

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Catfish and coleslaw have an affinity for one another that dwarfs many of the better main dish/side combos out there. Carrots and ranch as a snack is something I've become quite appreciative of, lately.
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I had a culinary revelation on a high school trip to quebec. Where in the crazy french fucks put in front of me a squash soup. And maple syrup. And then told me to pour some maple syrup into said vegetable root soup.

The result was an absolute revelation.

Maple syrup has a very subtle sweetness to it that when combined with intensely savory and salty flavors is...amazing. Especially with root vegetables. Carrot in particular really reacts well to being tossed in some maple syrup as part of the cooking. It is great for balancing strong savory and salty flavors without resorting to full on sugar.

On that note I now cannot eat Bacon or Sausage without adding a few drops of maple syrup to it.
Do it. Add some maple syrup to your bacon. You will NEVER go back to regular bacon again.


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Bananas taste pretty incredible when you eat one with Cherry Coke Zer0 although they have to be on the slightly under-ripe side, when the banana is mostly yellow but still a little green on the stem. I think it's something about the starch turning into sugar as the banana ripens, if the banana is too sweet it doesn't go well with the artificial sweetener of the soda.

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Orange/Vanilla and Blueberry/Lavender. So, so good.

And if it counts: Salted caramel and salted dark chocolate.