When did victimhood become synonymous with virtue? - A rant

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Watching this whole cultural revolution goatfuck has gotten me thinking: when did we as a society decide that being a victim made you morally superior?

Whether it's BLM being excused for rampant vandalism, white-guilt-ridden Minnesotans not calling the cops on an armed robber because it might hurt the poor dears, or letting rapists and murderers out of prison because they might catch the 'Rona, it makes my shit boil. Defending the guilty because they're disavantaged while browbeating the innocent because of their privilege....

I have never been more convinced that being pusillanimous is thoroughly immoral. How do we reassert the fact that being a doormat rewards bad behavior?

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When society stopped treating "The strong do as they will, and the weak suffer what they must" as sufficient moral justification.
The mere fact you divide people into "guilty" and "innocent" and treat being "innocent" as if it were virtuous shows you are following the same mindset. Before slave morality, there was master morality, where there was no "right" and "wrong", only "strong" and "weak".