When did you hit Peak BLM and why?


Jun 10, 2020
My breach was probably with Ferguson, with BLM specifically, and how the facts of the matter got badly skewed and rioting was seemingly swept under the rug/justified. Overall though, going through black activist circles and finding reprehensible behaviors not only justified, but often swept under the rug under the broader auspice of woke activism, that definently peaked me on a plethora of the movement.

Curious what other people's experiences are, and why they may have disillusionment with BLM or other similar organizations, if they have them


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Aug 21, 2013
Ferguson as well. I almost wonder if the media purposefully chooses the worst possible occurrences of police on black violence just to further divide the country. Like of all the high profile cases the MSM has covered the most heartbreaking is Tamir Rice, which was an actually child, who did something a dumb child would do. Brown was an adult but since he was 18 the media constantly referred to him as a teenager and constantly portrayed him in a positive light. And then it comes up he basically tried to steal a cops gun by reaching in the car. It was the cop's live vs some hood's life. Like, we ain't that dumb, come on.

Also the last two major up rising being in election year is extremely sus. Cops don't stop killing unarmed black people in non-presidential election years brah.


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Dec 17, 2019
Even a quick peek into anything BLM does or how their members act was what did me in. The instant snapback anger from anything other than regurgitating their talking points made it very clear it was a supremacy movement. If someone's opinion is 'Yes, every life is important' it very clearly is in agreement with their stated goal.

Instead they scream that it's racist, then they foment riots, arson, theft, and act like the very thing they're so angry at being labeled as.
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Sep 30, 2018
The fact that the whole movement is based on a faulty premise that black people are in danger from white people, when in fact white-on-black violence is statistically the least common form of racial violence


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Feb 3, 2013
I'd say it was in 2016 when the "Movement For Black Lives" assembled its top grifters to put together the first official BLM platform, and they had a whole section about how Israel was an illegitimate "apartheid state", the US should divest, and so on.
Whether you agree with that or not, it's quite obvious that nobody in charge was actually interested in the whole notion of keeping black people from unnecessary deaths. The whole manifesto was just a collection of generic far-left talking points with a coat of brown paint. Black America deserves better.

You can read the original manifesto here:
They've edited it since then. You can see that this is a very wide-ranging document covering things like universal healthcare, public financing of elections, and pretty much everything imaginable except anything that would save the next Trayvon Martin.

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Sep 27, 2019
The Michael Brown incident. I could at least see both sides on the Trayvon Martin incident and find things to agree with on both arguments. Brown fucking deserved to be shot and killed and I could not fathom why so many people were acting like he was some angel and anyone who brought up factual proof contradicting that was labeled the worst of the worst. I could not understand burning and looting an entire city, ruining the lives of people who had nothing to do with Brown made a difference. It all went downhill from there


Sep 6, 2017
I used to say that I "agreed with the message, not the organization." After putting up with people playing the antifa card, saying there is no organization, and then doubling down even after I proved to them that it indeed WAS an operating business run by a Jew, I stopped agreeing with the message. That, of course, and the whole using the death of a worthless nigger as an excuse to torch their neighbor's businesses, steal Nikes and flatscreens, and generally, doing 100% of everything I hate about niggers, instead of properly protesting.

I've never liked Blacks that much. Didn't hate them, but I'm starting to, and the only way I can think of that'll keep me from going full-bore Klansman is to simply live in a place where niggers don't.

After years of trying to be tolerant, I've finally realized that Blacks have all the same rights as human beings, and aren't being profiled by the police even a penny more than they deserve. If anything, there need to be more cops on their streets.

I hit peak BLM when they were already bedfellows with SJWs. That already speaks of their goals and aims when they hitch with spoiled ass suburbanites who know nothing of the world outside of their bubble.

Who needs a crutch when you've got the whole fuckin wheelchair, right?


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Sep 25, 2019
I have no idea why this is even a question, I knew BLM was bullshit right out of the gate, it was far too slick and raking in far too much cash for me to think it wasn't corrupt. It hasn't even been around long enough for my opinion to change that much about it, unless you want to extend the BLM umbrella to *all* civil rights movements regarding black people in the United States in the past decade or so. Which I think is pretty drastic.

I've already seen some people on both sides including events as far back as the OJ Simpson trial in BLM which is just ridiculous. The political landscape back then was certainly different as there was no mass internet use to facilitate the development of something like BLM. There's also the rather idiotic idea that the Great Recession and Occupy Wall Street should be included too, though since that's more of a liberal point of view I suspect almost nobody on this site feels that way.

If anything as time has gone on I've become increasingly suspicous of just about anyone discussing the subject, since the (justified) backlash against black people across America is providing perfect ground for controlled opposition groups to sprout. If there is any kind of larger plan in place regarding BLM, the next phase is presumably to encourage the creation and growth of white supremacy movements, which can then be used to justify a crackdown. At this point its impossible to tell if someone complaining about current events is telling the truth and expressing real frustration at the horror show currently happening on the streets, or if they're a media shill trying to feed into the narrative that white supremacy is multiplying out of control.

You quite literally cannot trust anyone anymore, on any side of the issue.

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Jan 20, 2021
When I had no libtard "friends" to prevent me from critically analyzing what went down. That's when I didn't feel pressured into giving people like George Floyd the "benefit of the doubt" to avoid being labelled a "bad person" or whatever. I started listening to my mom, who was learning the truth as all this shit was going down, rather than listening to social rejects and retards with little to no life experience. I didn't have to fear being called out or harassed for wrongthink, so I didn't feel obligated to sugarcoat or play nice.

Also, seeing black people speak out against BLM - e.g. Terry Crews, Candace Owens, RuinedLeon - and speak the real facts has really helped solidify the movement as one of the biggest frauds of the twenty-first century. If the people you say you're trying to protect give strong, sound arguments rejecting those claims, you're a fake and a fraud.

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