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BLM is idiotic and racist. They don't talk about black people, they talk about black criminals.

Black men can simply obey the law like everyone else. It is not hard. And even if they choose to break the law, they dont have to resist arrest so goddamn much. Resisting arrest is pointless. It means you either kill a cop, run away and become a fugitive, get your ass tased and THEN arrested, or you die. 0 good outcomes.


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when i seen this i was swayed


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I have no idea why this is even a question, I knew BLM was bullshit right out of the gate, it was far too slick and raking in far too much cash for me to think it wasn't corrupt.
Any national organization propped up by the media is inevitably going to be corrupt, that was never in doubt. The real question was always "Might they still do some good?" Early on, it was at least conceivable that BLM might encourage some politicians to be seen Doing Something About The Blacks, and pass some sort of useful reforms. But it quickly became apparent that they wouldn't even try to accomplish anything outside of grifting.

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When these people started making shit like CHAZ/CHOP and acting like hardcore "revolutionaries". These people are self hating white trash hipsters or crackhead hoodrats that are coddle by media and big corporations. This is my personal believe since day 1.

I respect black people. I don't respect faggy movements that don't help black people.

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Personally, since I'm from a country that didn't really notice anything from BLM until FloydFest 2020, mine was when I realized that all the funds that were being raised by BLM in 2020 were going into a third-party charity organization that solely donated to Democrat politicians and their campaigns, particularly Biden's election campaign. These guys acting like they're fighting the establishment by burning down their own communities, while shitlibs donate millions to feel like they're a good person, which ends up going to line the pockets of an already absurdly wealthy politician - it's honestly tragic how many people are OK with this.

Before that point, you could maybe argue (albiet barely) that it was an organization with good intentions that was warped by a small vocal minority of black supremacists and progressives. However, after this, it became pretty clear that it's just a thinly-veiled extension of the Democrats and the rest of the left-wing establishment, used to drum up votes and funds for their politicians and their campaigns, while driving people into a frenzy against whatever you want to label as the enemy at that time.

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It never lasted a chance, and it only picked up steam last year since it was programmed by mainstream media and corporations to control/consume people into doing it.

Can someone be nice enough to archive both of these sites? For me, archive webpage is acting up on me for some reason.


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The peak funniest moment was when the white BLM rioters trashed the CHAZ area and cut black people off from essential services, contributed to chaos that led to multiple deaths in the area, took a black man to court because they were blocking the highway at night with no lights and got hit, and raised a bunch of money for themselves to fight "white supremacy"

That was next level retarded even for BLM

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It never lasted a chance, and it only picked up steam last year since it was programmed by mainstream media and corporations to control/consume people into doing it.

Can someone be nice enough to archive both of these sites? For me, archive webpage is acting up on me for some reason.
Independent article was archived some time ago.

The Black Enterprise web link is giving me a "connection is not secure" warning.


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Seeing them try to larp as revolutionaries while being unconditionally supported by the media, the educational system and countless large corporations. The whole thing always truck me as a little bit cultish too. In high school I used to date this one girl who seemed so clever and insightful at the time. When I looked up her social media during the riots last summer, all I found was marxist antifa bullshit. The same idiotic leftist talking points we've heard over and over again. It's so depressing watching people getting brainwashed like this.


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For me, it was when I got blasted by BLM ads at work because Pandora sucks Globohomo negrocock. I presume it's just as bad at Spotify and other web players. What's worse is that one of my managers (despite being relatively intelligent in other areas,) kept falling for BLM's bullshit, even going so far as to say "They have to riot. They have no other way of getting society to listen to them." I was too chickenshit to say anything to her (didn't want to lose my job,) so it just added to the stress. If you're one of those bourgeois suburbanites who thinks that chimping out and stealing are viable forms of protest, I'll agree with you, but only if you agree to put your house/business/personal possessions at the head of the looting line. Let them burn and rape YOUR house first, and then see how you feel about it. If you're not willing to do that, or you want to say "I shouldn't be looted, I wasn't responsible", then tell me why were the poor immigrant business owners in Minneapolis deserving of the treatment they got at the hands of feral blacks? How is losing everything in a fire going to help them in the long run? If you can abstractify their plight and say it will lead to a better world, the same can be done for your house and possessions. In fact, you should turn over everything you have to the black poor right now because, according to you, you're a privileged person living in a system that benefits you at the expense of the urban poor and you need to pay reparations.

I'd say that every white soccer mom who mouths support for BLM should get raped by a negro, but they'd probably enjoy it and orgasm in an ecstasy of virtue-signaling while their soyboy husbands watch and jerk themselves off in a corner.

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Ever since I saw one of Metokur's streams. It was the first time I saw what went on that wasn't a sanitized version of events. Everything about them just reeks of bs the more I learned about them, especially with how they get treated with kids gloves. These fuckers been active since June and the only "change" I've seen is more black people in ads and cinders instead of buildings.

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