When did you hit Peak BLM and why? -


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At its inception. Even if they were 100% peaceful, it's still wrong. For some reason, it's only white-built nations that are expected to value the positions of non-contributing groups. Ironically, the demands from on high for these self-loathing behaviors primarily come from Jews, who in their own nation tolerate no minority dissent.


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I don't think the BLM movement was really a thing yet during the Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, but the sheer amount of political and media bullshit surrounding that case soured me on just about all future "OMG A BLACK MAN DIED" story that makes major media headway.

Without a doubt, just about every case after the fact was seeped in lies and bullshit, unquestionably peddled by the media. Remember when journalist cockroaches did the "Hands up, don't shoot" thing? I do, yet these people are supposed to convey the news to us.

The only one that I felt was actually a major police fuckup that got some attention was the Philando Castile situation, and that one involving some mental health worker (that guy survived though). That being said, I think the cop in question was jumpy as fuck for no real reason. Even the most recent case from Minneapolis involving the taser was still a useless shitbag trying to escape the cops, even if that female cop still fucked up.

And, of course, situations like Tony Timpa and that poor bastard who was gunned down in that hotel hallway deserved far more attention, but the media loves some race riots.

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And, of course, situations like Tony Timpa and that poor bastard who was gunned down in that hotel hallway deserved far more attention, but the media loves some race riots.
Yeah, it's fucked up how victims of police violence who weren't black get mostly ignored and some BLM supporters will bitch you out for whataboutism if you mention them. But they can hijack a vigil for a completely unrelated hate crime to bitch about cops and white people.

It's all so tiring, especially if you're still left-leaning and think police violence against minorities is a legit issue :(


Former friends of mine (in real life) have been trooning big time over this George Floyd case...and now they're adding all sorts of bullshit with this Durante whozziwhazzitnigger. No amount of hard evidence will change their retarded minds. It's scary how this mob is gaining more hatefilled steam every day.


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Every time a new BLM martyr is crowned I peak more and more. I don't think there's a single one who wasn't a serious criminal or didn't attack the police before their death. If these are the best examples of "good boys who were killed because of racism" that can be found, it doesn't look good.
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13/50 refers to violent crimes, small stuff like drug possession isn't counted in that statistic as far as I know. 🤔

They're actually suggesting solutions now. Unfortunately, said solutions don't seem to work. Protesters chant about wanting to defund or dismantle the police force. Some want to send social workers to crime scenes instead of armed cops. In cities where the police force has been defunded, crime seems to be soaring.
Every time I hear about some "poor" black man that's made into a martyr, the first thought that comes into my mind is "Did he have a criminal record?" and the answer's always "yes". Yet everybody just completely ignores that vital fact when it's brought up.

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I never fell for BLM and could see it only showed its face when it was black victim/white perpetrator.

Even though I grew up in Northern Virginia during the 90s, I did not swing to the political left. The first election where I was eligible to vote was 2008 and unlike most in my generation, I did not throw my support behind Barack Obama (and the Republican ticket was not appealing). Still there was a part of me that thought Obama could make the dream MLK spoke about a reality. But it wasn't long until he showed that would not be the case. First it was incident involving his friend, Professor Henry Gates, and the Cambridge police who he said "acted stupidly" right after he admitted he did not have all the facts. Then there was Trayvon Martin's death where Obama compared him to a hypothetical son. And once BLM members were brought into the White House to meet with administration officials, that confirmed my suspicions that race relations in this country were going backwards.
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Police brutality is a real thing. Sure, there probably are statistics that show black folks are at the worst end of it. I just find it amazing that they never mention hispanics, or whites. It also amazes me that they do not propose any changes to laws, such as decriminalizing drug use and drug dealing. Its annoying to me that these same politician's made all of these laws that constantly create conflict between police and the people, are offering no solutions other than 'less cops/no cops'. The media is also blatantly misrepresenting particular situations to the public and engineering outrage. Nothing will be done for the real victims of police brutality. Nothing will be done for the police who were victims of criminals.

BLM are just grifters and all around bad people. I wish there was an alternative for black people to make change. You never hear about the people who are actually going out and making change, for example Malcom Jenkins:

Malcom Jenkins Lobbies for reform

He actually gives a shit and is going through the right avenues to get things done for the people he cares about, and no one care. We just have asshole LeBron getting news coverage for trying to dox a police officer.

It is beyond aggravating to see. That is all I can say.

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This is tough for me, because I've been reading Radley Balko and others who advocate for police reform for a number of years before BLM as we know it came on the scene, so I have a lot of problems with the movement and its optics and question whether it's actually done more harm than good for the cause, even though I broadly support the idea behind it.

A lot of people have already mentioned how BLM has a serious problem discerning between good and bad shoots, most recently illustrated by the life-saving justified police shooting in Columbus this week. I would also add that they readily disregard violent police interactions with white people (Daniel Shaver, Justine Damond, Keith Vidal, Scout Schultz, etc etc) in favor of their divisive racial narrative. I absolutely am willing to concede to them that this issue disproportionately affects poor minority communities, but distilling the reason for this to simply racism is so short-sighted and hampers actual reform. If we can just get rid off all the racists in police departments, then we don't really need to do anything about civil asset forfeiture, cash bail, the war on drugs, qualified immunity or the 1033 program, right? Obviously the left-libertarians still in the movement are advocating for meaningful reform measures, but the woke celebrities and brands? Give me a fucking break.

None of this really made me hit "peak BLM" as revolting as it is though. I'm used to grievance industry vultures like Shaun King, Ibram X. Kendi and others capitalizing on current events and reshaping the narrative to create a better marketplace to peddle racial animosity.

What really did it for me was a combination of soulless corporations jumping aboard and then those same companies turning this into shit about supporting black business and creators. I'm sorry. I thought this was about police brutality. I didn't realize that letting Cardi B design a couple of shoes or buying a sandwich from a black guy rather than a white guy was the solution to all our ills. This push is what took me from sympathetic to the movement to fairly hostile, even though I still support police reform.


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The minute they started rioting over St.George who was in reality a drug addled porn star who was a net negative on society, yes that is our cause and martyr. Oh, fuck off with that shit.


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George Floyd. Before then, I didn't give a shit about the BLM movement, and I would have happily still not have given a shit if it didn't happen. After that it pretty much cemented in my mind that they're willing to do anything, even ruin the lives of innocent people, to get what they want.

Granted, it's not like the opposing side was any better. But it was, at least by that point, the less of two evils as they didn't go around burning buildings, looting stores, and demanding people who work in law enforcement to die over a black man filled with drugs.

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Around the time I graduated high school, I became frustrated with much of the woke ideology. I always found the black culture in America to be quite toxic, and it was obvious from the beginning that BLM has no interest in fixing the problems with black America, in fact they’d rather just perpetuate it while blaming whites and cops for all their problems, thus making things worse. I remember when Beyonce released her Formation song and I thought, “why is a shitty pop star suddenly singing about political issues and being praised as an activist icon?” and hated the way she was suddenly all proud of her heritage and promoting that pride in a very tribalistic manner, all under the banner of this movement that was doing more harm than good and just sounded worse the more I looked into it.

Then last year it really blew up, and I was hearing nothing but “George Floyd dindu nuffin! ACAB!” both online and offline, with little opposition, as those who opposed got called “alt right fascists” or bootlickers. If Beyonce going full SJW didn’t peak me, the riots last year sure did.


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I got lectured by a white friend about "listen to black voices" so I decided to read up on what Eric July, singer of Backwordz had to say about the whole thing. Dude makes a lot of sense and has no time for BLM and is black as all fuckery. He's also incredibly based and genuinely good to listen to.

Lost more than a few friends when I admitted a black dude put me right off BLM but it was worth it to see how buttmad they all got.

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I was always against CRT, but gave BLM a pass because I didn't really look into it. Prisons are actually evil, having motive to keep people locked up and recommitting as long as possible. But what got me was when I found out about:

"Mostly peaceful protests".

If you look in the eyes of a normie, it makes sense. Disavow any violent people for being violent, but have a movement pure enough to stop it. Like how right wing terrorist #9 doesn't suddenly makes conservatism (any more) evil. After all, they aren't being violent! (No, the peeps who advocate for violence on twitter aren't the majority)
But when you look at how massive the destruction was, while denying what is quite literally behind you, all while hating anyone or anything that defends themselves...
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Pretty much day 1 when I saw a clip of some young Black girl, maybe 17 or so, begging a White BLM protestor person in Black Bloc vandalizing things to stop. Or a similar video when an old Black woman who ran a little stall found all her stuff wrecked by BLM protestors. Remember this is a media movement and you don't see Black people who are against this unless it's by accident like when Officer Tatum got invited onto the BBC because the numbnuts who run the show just assumed African American = Left Wing / Pro-BLM.

Like Cerebus the Aardvark said: "Most rich people are rich people first, and whatever else they are second.". It's a grift, it's a powerplay, it's a war on civil society. And if I as a hard-working, law-abiding White person get pissed with it, imagine how it must feel for a hard-working, law-abiding Black person to feel all the same but also be told they're representing you? Imagine you're a Black person with some self-respect and you see the BLM website with its "twerking for MLK video"? I imagine it's not dissimilar to how most White people on here feel seeing White people kneeling before Black people to apologise for being White, only probably even more maddening. But similar because in both cases you know it's just a performance using racial politics for their self-advancement.

Keep in mind that "BLM" sued and won against a Black dude in California who had come up with the name "BLM" years before to take the name. There's plenty of Black people who despise the movement but unless you source alternative media like most of here, you ain't going to see any of that. So yeah - pretty much day 1 because it's such obvious exploitation. 98% of what BLM put out is bullshit. But African American communities in the USA do need help. Not gibs, not lowered SAT requirements, not a free pass on violent crime because of "Systemic Racism"; actual help. Which includes, imo, more policing in those areas, not less. And more discipline in school not, "it's their culture". And for God's sake some kind of serious nutrition push rather than EBT cards or whatever they're called. We can have a debate about genetics or whatever but I'm convinced half the problems in African American communities are just serious nutritional deficiencies. All that food and so little of it healthy.
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It was a fucking scam from day-1 because it didnt focus on police brutality itself but only when it happens to blacks who by pure coincidence happen to do most of the crime

Also it began with fucking trayvon skittles, the wannabe middle class thug who got 360noscoped by a fat guatemalan "white" manlet. People forget that if he bashed zimzam's brains on the pavement like he intended to he woulda got 25 to life in prison and would be having his cornhole expanded by real niggas in jail

Since then this corporate-sponsored movement has done nothing but elevate a bunch of no-life criminals and retards like brown to sainthood. Whats unbelievable is how retarded whites celebrate this shit, whats wrong with you people?

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