When did you hit peak SJW and why? - Get off the woke train and see through the bullshit that is identity politics!

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1. They destroyed the the Occupy Wall Street Movement out of sheer spite for working class people. The last breath of legitimate liberalism and a call for genuine wealth reform got pozzed to hell and back until it was nothing but progressive stack bullshit. Their champagne faux socialism and sheer contempt for working class America fills me with all kinds of rage.
Ahh, yes. The Revolution of the Proletariat... of guys with MacBooks who wear sweatshop-made skinny jeans and drink ten-dollar lattes, and hair-dyed hambeasts with Communications degrees and Netflix subscriptions.


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I have always been a liberal, but because I grew up very poor, in a small town with a lot of black people and white people who actually got along just fine, it’s impossible to make me feel guilt over privilege. I’m immune.

So as long as it was about you know, sure, let the gays get married, has nothing to do with me plus it’s tied to benefits and rights so as long as churches aren’t being forced to participate, ok. Or well, I don’t mind throwing extra resources at black people to try to help them out, etc, for a while, but I always felt it should have limits, and expire, and come to think of it...I always did think it sounded ok to require women to get IUDs, or preferably have their tubes tied, to receive welfare. Didn‘t say it, but thought it. Am technically pro-choice, but find support for abortion rights incompatible with the accompanying liberal distaste for the death penalty. I think the only problem with the death penalty is unfair and inconsistent implementation. In theory, I fully support it, and in reality, in most cases, I do as well.

I am also of Scots-Irish Southern US heritage, which means I understand black people very very well, since as Thomas Sowell has identified, rednecks are rednecks whether they’re white or black. I don’t have to tiptoe around them like they’re some exotic creature.

Additionally I am adopted, and my parents were old as hell when they adopted me, which means that while everybody else had Boomer or even early GenX parents, I had Silent Generation parents. A dad who never made more than $27k/yr in his life, always doing manual labor, and a mom who saved grease to reuse later and didn’t believe in Tupperware when there’s perfectly good Country Crocks right there. This is how I know that black culture is just Southern Poverty culture, they’re just more likely to fight dogs than roosters. Trash stay being trash, you see.

So all this adds up to a certain amount of natural resistance to this sort of thing, as well as a latent Scots-Irish tendency to want to be left alone, for everyone to get the fuck off my property (literally as well as metaphorically) since I will absolutely never go onto yours, and to really fucking resent people telling me what to do - or more specifically, what to say, or not to say.

I began peaking on troons and SJWs on Tumblr. For troons, it was stumbling upon auntiewanda, then LarpsandtheRealGirl. I don’t even like lesbians in the sense that every lesbian I have ever met and known was a lesbian was offputting because in retrospect, they didn’t do the polite upbeat thing I as a southern girl expect, ie smile back when smiled at, and returning overtures in a pro-social way. I realize now maybe that’s a lot of autism and lesbians just not experiencing female socialization the same way I did. Anyway, so seeing thousands of absolutely horrific attacks from troons - whom I had previously assumed were all gigagays - demanding sex from them was a serious red pill.

Meanwhile, SJWs. I don’t write or read fanfic, my productive engagement with fandom is going to be criticism, not creation or curation. But when TFA came out, just seeing the absolute insanity that was that fandom over intersectional shipper bullshit...bloop.

Race, pretty sure I’m just peaking with everyone else over the past couple years, organically, due to the behavior of black people, politicians, and the media. It did start with irritation over fandom shit too, though. Go away and let me enjoy my content. This is my dance space. I don’t go into yours, you don‘t go into mine. I mean, come on in, as long as you want to dance to the same music, but...otherwise stay out.

Ultimately I‘m just a white Karen with a normal family and life, feeling like she’s no longer allowed to live and let live, and being fed the fuck up with the seemingly endless downward spiral of degeneracy.
Modern-day social justice activism in the west feels very corporate and unorganic. The Civil Rights Movement started up from the ground after years of struggles during the 60s and they came about naturally from marginalized people organizing to learning to convince people to join the cause. Nowadays how do some of these activists believe they're so "oppressed" when corporations bend over and outlets who believe they're on the "right side" of history very rarely question them. It's a win win for both the activists and corporations.


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Ahh, yes. The Revolution of the Proletariat... of guys with MacBooks who wear sweatshop-made skinny jeans and drink ten-dollar lattes, and hair-dyed hambeasts with Communications degrees and Netflix subscriptions.
Yeah. About the only thing me and the legit hardcore Marxist/Commie crowd agree on is that these faggots need to be up against the wall and it needed to happen yesterday.

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Ahh, yes. The Revolution of the Proletariat... of guys with MacBooks who wear sweatshop-made skinny jeans and drink ten-dollar lattes, and hair-dyed hambeasts with Communications degrees and Netflix subscriptions.
There's never a bad time to post this meme:

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Got cannibalized on tumblr as a child for having wrongthink about asexuals (the big lgbt discourse that was going on when I was just some confused faggot child, where having no opinion is worse than having the incorrect one.) voiced opinion, recieved the typical kys anonymous shit that you hear most of the same people sending it say is Harmful And Evil Cyberbullying!!1! that they have 0 hesitations throwing at a child, which would've been immediately obvious since I was a retard and had age listed in bio.

This wasn't the main turning point (the slow build up of experience in seeing constant performative woke-ism, the promotion of permanent and life changing [often catastrophic] surgery and HRT to literal kids as the end-all be all must attain standard for transgenderism, and the uwuification of horrific communist regimes make up much more of the reason) but it was the first tip into realizing its just a den of two faced snakes constantly trying to outdo eachother in brownie point Olympics and that if anyone even prods at the bubble of their worldview they throw away any semblence of virtue or being a good person they uphold to strangle opposition.
No wonder they larp as commies.


In 2015 when everyone began being anti-white and began seeing me as lesser for being such, and the spaces I went to for support no longer supported me.


I'm gonna sound like a f*ggot but the night Trump was elected, I sat around a fire with two other SJW friends and we just sobbed and sobbed.

Less than a year later, I found r/gendercritical. [ETA: RIP gendercritical. I worry for the women that don't have access to that immediate resource any longer because you're not fucking alone in your completely rational thoughts about what is happening! The second best option is KiwiFarms lol] That changed my life. I realized I'm basically a second wave feminist because I believe men and women should have equal rights to property, voting, jobs but holyyyy shit I would never call myself a "feminist" under the terms current "feminists" are using. They're sucking dick for 10 bucks on OnlyFans and claiming it's feminist because it's "empowering." All white men are evil. And "feminism" also now means that black women should be in charge of everything. Kevin Allred who has a somewhat entertaining thread here (that I haven't caught up on in a while) for example says in his Twitter bio, "Vote how Black women vote" or some shit. That's not feminism. That's not equality. It's just elevating another "identity" based on how you're born. It's somehow bigoted now to believe that things like jobs or getting into good schools should be completely merit-based.

Anyway, I think once you discover the (increasingly obvious) fallacies in trans ideology, and the inherent degeneracy, it really snowballs into seeing through all the other SJW/leftist bullshit.

Only a couple of people know my true politics. If Trump ran again, I'd probably vote for him. This would give my family a heart attack.

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I am not political so I was never a social justice warrior. I am at the point where I think that most social movements full of shit. Most social movements are driven by pure self-interest.

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Never really I was blisfully ignorant of situation in West until 2015 when I saw pressure from France , Germany... On my country goverment to accept 1000s of undocumented 30 years old Middle- Eastern children who are all Doctors, engineers, IT technics....
That I started to learn about situation in the West and at this point all I can do is laugh at how absurd situation is there.

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The most SJW I ever got was believing the regular taglines, the wage gap, patriarchy etc but I'm Muslim and as a result aside from those taglines the programming hadn't really penetrated so when I was 13 or so and what was then called the Quinnspiracy came along I ended up slowly waking up to the reality of their corrosive ideology.