When did you hit peak trans and why? - Finally realized that trans activism and gender ideology are harmful.


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For me, peak trans is the stories I've seen the past 2 years where lesbians talk about being tricked into dating by MTF "lesbians" and then harassed or raped. Domestic violence is apparently okay if you claim you're no longer a male even if you're still the one in the relationship who's taller, stronger, and has unilateral physical advantage over your partner.

Peak trans is when "Lesbians don't want to suck a dick" is considered TERF rhetoric. Peak trans is I'm reading unironic statements of "lesbians who claim they don't like penises because of being raped by men are TERFS!!!!1."

I also want to add that recently, a LESBIAN dating app called "Her" banned actual lesbians for complaining about the male genderqueers and troons using the app, while equivalent services for gay men seem to have no problem with banning FTM manlets for having vaginas. Really makes you think.
I think this partially has to do with the stupid and illogical oppression olympics bullshit. In the eyes of the LGBTBBQWTF lobby, lesbians are seen as more oppressed as gay men and they've told gay men that they don't want them in the acronym anymore. They expect Lesbians to be complacent in their ideology because they see oppression as a hierarchy with victimhood points where Lesbians and Gays oppress queers, genderspecials, and trannies and when they say no, they suffer the backlash of actual woke homophobia that harms them.

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Meeting my first MtF started me down the peak troon path. He was a brony dripping in Rainbow Dash accessories and was incredibly belligerent towards women while also trying to be a demure waif despite the hulking 6ft +, 200lbs frame. Stank like old socks, grease so thick on his scalp you could solve an oil crisis. Heard stories about him trying to manhandle girls until he vanished from the college after about a year. He planted that seed of doubt, and over the last few years seeing the troonacy seep into everything and seeing natal girls get put down more and more to favor a gaggle of delusional rejects in their sister's miniskirts, it opened my eyes. I have no problem with trannies that just want to transition and shut the fuck up, but all of these loud nasty fucks on twatter make me MATI. There's more, but that would involve way too much powerleveling.

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then a couple months in I realized that I was actually going through a psychotic breakdown (mainly the product of years of unchecked mental illness) and stopped taking them and instead focused on underlying, more serious mental health concerns. I prioritized those and took care of them and now I have absolutely no desire to transition. I've been on KiwiFarms before and after all of this, so it's been interesting (and at times ironic) reading all of the different opinions on the trans topic, especially with how antagonistic I've always been of the AGP/groomer ilk.
Take care of yourself fren and stay away from unproscribed hallucinogens like weed.

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From the moment I was conceived, I was peak transed. I may have been peak transed prior to that moment.

I was peak transed the moment I realized the FtM phenomenon was driving tomboys to extinction. At the moment of this revelation I became overwhelmed with an indescribable anger that has made me into the man that I am today.

Okay, okay-- seriously speaking. Completely seriously speaking.

I was never supportive of LGBTQ+ antics, and always thought that transgenderism in particular, while a tragic disposition, was "wrong" when "transition" was pursued. Because I didn't come into contact with actual trans people in general, though, I didn't have much of an occasion to formulate developed opinions on the matter.

It seems to be the result of me interpreting a "scene" of several ultimately related things, which helped me recognize the grisly and frankly demonic reality of SRS and HRT.

In no particular order:
  • Pondering the male weeb's predilection for "big titty mommy GFs" and "onee/shota" scenarios because they believe they'll only attract sexual interest from a woman if she's a "carnivore" (or an attractive sexual predator) on account of their own timidity.
    • Recognizing that these were the roots of my own predilection for older women (before I realized that woman is woman no matter how old they are).
  • Observing the "simp" phenomenon, and my observation of fat and/or catty males while also developing a personal stake in being as far away from that as possible.
  • Me realizing that while my last breakup was the product of a dishonest mongrel who realized she couldn't indulge in an enrapturing happy haze while being my girlfriend, it was catalyzed by my subdued and reserved nature that indicated a lack of masculinity.
  • Realizing that our fatherlessness rates are really freaking bad and we also needlessly did away with the institutions and rituals that helped prepare young boys to become men, de-emphasizing masculine and feminine societal duties in the process.
  • Coming to the realization that a society with a virile male population could actually accomplish a lot, so it would stand to reason that those who benefit from the status quo would want to demoralize and enslave said men, and that demoralization has been seen in rising substance use rates, the increasing and increasingly earlier exposure to pornography-- hell, even just the "CONSOOM" and "simp" trends that have come to characterize so much of Gen Alpha, Gen Z, and the Millennials.

In short, my "peak transing" occurred in conjunction with my active valuation of masculinity, which also came with my visceral disdain for women under retirement age "trying" to articulate anything at all about masculinity. In the aforementioned context, I came to regard MtF "transitioning" as the ultimate in emasculation: elective castration that merited nothing for their goals. Worse, a mutilitative procedure that created a grotesque parody of the female genitalia by flowering open the man's penis, carving a canal wound in the man's pelvis that has to be maintained with what may very well be a dildo for the rest of their lives, and appropriating his intestines to create a uterus that will never hold a child-- if he's so inclined to go that far in his quest to supposedly have his body match what he "feels inside". HRT would set him up for a variety of chronic illnesses with nothing to show for it except gyno and a castrati voice unless he wanted to shell out even more to have his body carved up so he could look like a supermodel. FtM? Well, their sex characteristics are removed wholesale and they either attach some synthetic phallus to their crotches or carve out a chunk of flesh to fashion a "natural" one that obviously has no use. Same chronic illness risks.

You really have to be ill or naive to go under the knife for any of that. If de-transitioners didn't exist, this wouldn't be any less sick-- the fact that they do just makes it worse, as does the fact that a significant portion of them don't get any better on account of the surgery and even end up killing themselves. The narrative is that their suicide risks only really drop when their society feeds into their delusions instead of helping them live in peace with their own healthy bodies as they are.

And the kids... the freaks that be want to push that onto children. Official organizations like the APA extol "puberty blockers" as reasonable treatment for gender dysphoria-- they extol blocking the period where you develop into an adult, where you build bone density and undergo critical brain development as a treatment for gender dysphoria.


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The worst part about all of this is that I do believe Gender Dysphoria can be a real thing to at least some portion of the population. However the whole trans movement has become a beacon of misplaced hope and alot of these people seem to be going down this path for the wrong reasons.

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I consider myself to be supportive of LGB people, so when the trans lobby became so powerful that gay people were pushed to the side, I knew this wasn't going to end well. Probably around 2015-2016 when Obergefell happened and the trans stuff got a lot more prominent. I honestly don't care what you do with your body, or what you call yourself. But the trans activists are now attempting to troon kids and erode women's rights, so I'm now against gender ideology completely. I wish we lived in the utopia where your genitals don't define what kind of life you live, but men and women are different biologically and socially and will forever be that way. Gender ideology attempts to subvert the facts we all know to be true and turn it on its head.


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I've never bought into the idea of more than two genders, even when I was a teen when this genderspecial bullcrap started. I remember first hearing about nonbinary on an online forum, with someone using nonbinary pronouns (they/them), and feeling very confused afterwards. I said to an admin that I felt like it was just attention-seeking and then they responded with, "Well, back then they thought being gay was a mental disorder/attention seeking too!" and although I didn't have a good comeback, I would've responded with, "But being homosexual is proven and biological, thus homo"sex"ual, not homo"gender"al. There's proof that homosexual male and female brains are wired differently to their heterosexual counterparts." That was so disrespectful to the lesbians and gays who worked for equality as it minimizes their decades-long struggle. The user who said "You HAVE to use my pronouns." really bugged me. You aren't entitled to force people to use your made up pronouns and if you want to be treated that way, don't make it your entire identity and never shut up about it.

As for transgender activism, I never really paid much attention to it until 2020 during lockdown as I was out busy and having fun life after high school before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. I always thought that people like Riley J Dennis were odious creeps and the fact that they pressured people into having sex with trans people, lesbians and gays in particular, and bisexuality was "transphobic" because it only had two in its name really irritated me. But never the less, I didn't really concern myself with it until a few years later. As I began scrolling through videos on Youtube and doing some research elsewhere as I couldn't really do anything else, I began to realize how dangerous and vicious the Trans lobby truly was like other identity politics groups. Not to mention, stories that I've never heard of before 2020 like JY and Rhys McKinnon were just the beginning. Lurking on Kiwifarms and finally joining only to be exposed to how so many deviants use the trans identity to be disgusting, pervy scumbags was what finally peaked me.
Hey you're on the right path, kid. Now let me tell about the jews...

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I was peak transed the moment I realized the FtM phenomenon was driving tomboys to extinction.
This but without the satire. Sporty girls and soft boys are both being groomed at high rates.

The grooming is ESPECIALLY against tomboys. Girls make up the majority of genderqueer specialsexuals, and when all is said and done, these girls are on the wrong side of their 30s, alone, possibly with an STD, college debt, fat, no social skills besides screaming about social justice issues and oppression. I would hate to be a girl growing up today with this shit.


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I consider myself to be supportive of LGB people, so when the trans lobby became so powerful that gay people were pushed to the side, I knew this wasn't going to end well. Probably around 2015-2016 when Obergefell happened and the trans stuff got a lot more prominent. I honestly don't care what you do with your body, or what you call yourself. But the trans activists are now attempting to troon kids and erode women's rights, so I'm now against gender ideology completely. I wish we lived in the utopia where your genitals don't define what kind of life you live, but men and women are different biologically and socially and will forever be that way. Gender ideology attempts to subvert the facts we all know to be true and turn it on its head.

Speaking of LGB, the T should be removed. The first three you are born as. The T however is something you do willingly to your body. Mutilate yourself for attention and perversion.

I used to not have a problem with trannies. But the current years have made things different. Seeing terms like pregnant person, front hole, chest feeding, menstruator and sayings like "some men have periods and some women have penises" just disgusts me. Femininity is being ripped off painfully and worn as a skinsuit by perverted autogynephiles who demand to be allowed to have their dicks hanging out in our private spaces. If we complain we are transphobic.

Fuck that. You can tell someone is really male. Almost universally. Some masculine feature gives it away. There's also that feeling you know. Like an aura. I have always said that there's a feeling of unease when women are alone in a private space with unknown males. It's something natural. So if you have ten women in a locker room and in comes a pre-op lumberjack with his dick waving around it is gonna feel scary. But if you complain you might get banned from the facility. Not right.

The post-ops are scary too. It's still a man that can overpower you. But the whole girldick movement makes it scarier. From what I've seen since I joined the Farms there are so many disgusting troony deviants who sexualize women's biological fuctions and sexualize children by encouraging early transitioning and putting these kids out in the open as little pioneers. Everyone involved with Mermaids should be set on fire. :mad:

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Explaining this is insanely hard without powerleveling, but I initially really naively believed trans people were all just sad people with gender dysphoria and figured whatever they needed to do to be cool was fine with me as it didn't impact me.

Then I had an encounter with a particularly aggressive MTF and was told by the powers that be in the setting that my discomfort was my problem and that they wouldn't do anything for me as it could harm the trans person in the situation, never mind that "she" had almost a foot of height and at least 100 lbs on me. This would of been around 2016 if I remember clearly. After that, I started poking around the internet on the subject more and gradually became more and more stunned and shocked and it seemed to all come to a head in the last 2 years.

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It's a mental delusion that's rhetoric at it's core is not based in physical reality but rather is near religious in nature, requiring a suspension of logic.
Take the central phrase "I believe I was meant to be born into a body with [delusion] sex characteristics, if I had that body I would be happy and feel normal.' It already posits that the 'I' is something not inherent to the physical body that in fact has some type of separate existence unconnected to that body and that mistakes in it's incarnation process are not only possible, but so prevalent that we need to shift societally to accommodate for it as if every single person has undergone some sort of mistaken incarnation process, oh and also all of these supernatural/intangible soul/spirits has a correct gender expression associated with it separate from the physical body entirely.

Yet for some reason it is the only delusion in which we say the solution is that everyone is going to play along with the delusion and we will have plastic surgeons mutilate your body so that you can play pretend forever. For some reason we treat this delusion medically with physical chemicals and surgical proceedures that lower the patients life-span and physical health instead of psychologically.

If you look at other body dysmorphic disorders where the patient has obsessive delusions about some perceived physical flaw, when plastic surgery is applied in those cases to "correct" the flaw the symptoms of the mental illness are most frequently only alleviated for a short time before either the original delusion re-asserts itself or new obsessive delusions about perceived physical flaws replace them. There are very few cases of post-op SRS were the patient is suddenly all better, most often what I hear is the patient saying some version of 'I'm still not happy, but I'm learning to live with myself and what I've done to myself.' Now imagine if instead of fostering and encouraging these delusions doctors instead administered therapies that helped the patient 'learn to live with myself' and address their delusional thought processes without the 'learning to live with what I've done to myself' part.

As for when I hit 'peak trans' that would probably be around April 2009 when the state I was living in legalized gay marriage. My lesbian friend was upset that I didn't support it, not because I'm against gay marriage but because it was being used as a stalking-horse to normalize tons of other absolute nonsense. She said that wasn't going to happen and I was just being stupid. About a year or so later she apologized to me when degenerate shit like trans-kids and 72 genders started getting heavily pushed and she said 'I just wanted to marry my girlfriend, I didn't want all this shit.' I think it was specifically something I told her about how pedophilia as a sexual orientation was going to be pushed for and when she started seeing shit advocating for pedophile acceptance she broke and apologized to me.


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Kiwifarms often posted about guys pretending to be trans women so that they could behave like shitheads and then scream misogyny while chasing out actual women.

I didn't believe it until I saw it in action in a game I used to play regularly myself. One guy who swallowed meme culture so thoroughly that he claimed to be a bio female and a trap girl at the same time wearing programmer socks with a catgirl fetish, while wanting to be part of the Nazi reich.

He really was using his "female" persona as an excuse for his shitty behavior ingame and in the unofficial discord, to the point he bullied out a notable female player and called her a failure for not having a simp entourage.

I'm inclined to think a real Nazi reich would not want someone insane enough to think they are the wrong gender nor perverted enough to have a consistent sissy fetish. Just reciting "Gas the Kikes!" doesn't guarantee a ticket to the echelons of the Schutzstaffel.


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I actually don't have a problem with the honest to frig real ones who go through medical sex changes and stick with it for keeps. I think it's hypocritical to slam on them while treating homos like they're as normal as Leave It To Beaver.

My problems with it are

A) "enby" madness and an entire society gone orwellian with the mandatory they-ing of everybody at all times ("My brother went back to their house and cooked themselves dinner" when the bro is in fact a straight dude who is eating dinner alone that night)

B) adults coercing small children into it-- this one REALLY pisses me off

C) "pregnant man" stunts and campaigns to stock up all the urinals with free tampons, etc.

D) Governments being too autistic about refusing to separate the real ones from the Yanivs... Canada and the UKSSR in particular
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I've always known that God hates trannies, but at the same time I had a little sympathy for the old skool ones. It couldn't have been easy dressing up in women's clothes and going out in public when normies would, rightly, view them as freaks.

Now? They're nothing more than members of a destructive cult that targets children.

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This is a hard one without powerleveling, but a lot of it was internalized misogyny and depression. Unfortunately, the trans community is the perfect place for these to fester.

For a teen who has no clue what the future holds, the open acceptance of the trans community is beyond alluring. Everyone is welcome and valid in their eyes for as long as they deviate from the norm; when you're hopelessly depressed, this community of other "outcasts" seems like a place where you can finally thrive-- not only that, but being a part of it gave you an identity. As a trans man, woman, whatever. You were special now because you were a *trans* woman instead of the nobody you knew yourself as.

Add in a bunch of perverts who creep on teenage girls into the mix, and completely swapping my gender to escape that sounded fantastic. I kept the schtick up for a couple years and was literally two weeks away from going on hormones and fucking myself over for life, all because I was a lonely teenager. And when you're in this position, the psychiatrists cheer you on. People tell you that transitioning is the only cure to your problems, which in hindsight were never dysphoria; they were a delusion born from the need to belong somewhere, and they grew because nobody said otherwise.

I think that in ten or so years, a lot of doctors are going to be facing lawsuits when these troons start realizing they've made the biggest mistake of their life. I've already got my "I told you so"s ready.