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Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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He really doesn't. He waffles back and forth between threatening RICO of websites and individual prosecution, begging for dox all the time. Meanwhile, he uses a beach towel to wipe his ass because he's fat and his arms aren't long enough.
The mental image of that had me on the floor laughing!!!!

Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
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child abuse
Tom thinks everyone that is against his child sex and dog diddling ways are all organized criminals. Anything anyone mentions no matter how false tom takes and runs with it.

Mentioned in KF was a murder in a state i was never even in. And tom took off with it telling everyone he could i was a suspect in a murder.

I am sure that he even called the cops who found that i could not have been involved for the fact that i had never been in that state and the fact it was a very old case.

Tom is a bleating retard that moos constantly at KF and shits himself on you tube to everyone's amusement