When will the United States collapse


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Jun 13, 2016
It is my sincere belief that the USA itself will decline to a secondary superpower (think of what China is now), or it will go into hegemonic overdrive and eventually take over the world in one way or another (doesn't have to be war). It will stay around until mankind dies, or at the very least the ideals behind it. If the USA collapses I bet most of the world will also go through some very serious upheaval as well.

However anything that can take out the USA where it's no longer a nation most likely won't be a bang, but a whimper. It's probably going to be something gay like financial collapse instead of something cool like a civil war or something. Even in the economic collaspe scenario the USA might still be around, it'll just not be that powerful anymore.

There are many ways to collapse. Financial, economic, and political collapse happen frequently. The truely horrific social collapse people think about in post apocalyptic larping is likely a long ways off.

Financial collapse, however, is likely closer than any american enjoying well paid and abundant work would like to think. The stock market is right now the most over-valued it has ever been thanks to the Bush/Obama response to the 2008 recession. The stock market is rich on cheap debt, but poor in actual assets. Take Tesla for example. Their market cap (46 billion $) is greater than that of GM by 3 billion, despite not having 1/10 the physical assets or sales of the behemoth that is GM.
The stock price is just cheap debt, and it's value is only derived from the faith people have in it to deliver.

Now here's the scary part: everyone with a 401k is dependent on faith based value for their retirement to support them for 20-30 years.

I expect a financial collapse that guts the 401k system to hit in 1-5 years. The loss of the petrodollar due to decreased geopolitical clout will mean the cheap debt party is over since we are no longer printing the paper everyone wants, and the markets will collpase catastrophically. This will leave a legion recently retired, frothing at the mouth baby boomers in poverty and dependent on government handouts. The other stages of collapse will follow, and how quickly depends on how civil the boomers are.

Die Boomers