Where do people invert relationship between cause and effect? - Wet streets cause rain


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Feb 2, 2019
I find that modern culture has plenty of instances where cause and effect are inverted.

For an example from left wing politics, they'll say that talking about certain theories (kalergi / praktischer idealismus, genetic component in IQ, nature and nurture over just nurture) are something that nazi's do as a covert action to hide their evil beliefs.

Whereas it seems to me that when people seriously contend with these topics they are more likely to start viewing the world from a more right wing perspective.

For an example that I hear in right wing political spectrum, the idea that a woman who has had more partners is more likely to cheat / divorce and that therefor women should persue to be more chaste, seems like an inverse relationship. The less loyal or irresponsible or less easily satisfied or impulse are all underlaying causes that would predict less stable relationships, irrespective of they're currently on their first or 20th partner.

Have you come across any others?

Coffee Anon

Nov 8, 2019
Cause and effect are simply highly entangled events that humans deem having a dependent relation based on entropy. Quantum mechanics has no cause and effect. Feynman diagrams work in both time directions.