Where do you pirate your music from? -


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I'd be weary of any public trackers these days. Many of them are likely honeypots.
Tribler may be worth a look. While it doesn't advertise itself as being much protection against actual government actors, and is pretty experimental, it uses something like onion routing to semi-anonymize torrenting (at the cost of a substantial performance hit if you choose longer chains). This might provide some level of security against rogue trackers (or it might not neither I nor the people producing this thing promise much).


Any of you guys know good sources for tunes that are private trackers or file share blogs?
I have a membership to waffles.fm. When what went down, I didn't bother joining PTH or whatever because I figured waffles would be "back up in no time". That was a terrible mistake.

Why the fuck do I even have a seedbox at this point?

I get most of my music from bandcamp now. That, and re-listening to music I've already downloaded.


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I'm necroing this thread because I really need a new source for pirating music. Any suggestions?

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Youtube has free music videos. Convert to MP3, done.

Back in the day, you could just use Google or something like Limewire (before they became infested with CP and the like, it was all about music)


I'm necroing this thread because I really need a new source for pirating music. Any suggestions?
Youtube-DLG for downloading from youtube and Deezloader which allows you to download directly from Deezer. If i can't find what i'm looking for there i just go to Rutracker.org.
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I use Youtube mostly to find new (for me) stuff, and then I usually am able to find most of that stuff as good quality files on Soulseek.


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If you can get an invite red is good. Private trackers are a deal breaker for some but Ive always found them to be the best solution for whatever I'm trying to download.

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I convert YouTube videos to MP3 if I download a song. But I have no use to download music, really. I use a modified version of Spotify on Android that let's me get premium features for free. So I just stream from there.