Where do you pirate your music from? -


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I used to use What.cd when it was up. RIP.
Moved on to its clones.
Lately its been soulseek. The wishlist function is very helpful.

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I've seen a lot of people mentioning soulseek.
I tried using it once but was too exceptional to figure it out *sigh*
I had a twilightzoom account, but I never used it since they had less stuff than public trackers.

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No idea what I'm doing.
I just use converters. But I'm usually always connected to the web so it's not usually a problem.


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  • use youtube-dl.exe
  • search for desired music on soundcloud (if soundcloud doesn't have it then youtube often does - use youtube-dl then stick it through video to audio converter)
  • acquire excellent .mp3 files to desktop
  • order them in format phone will recognize as an album so i don't have to change music every 2-6 minutes
  • send files to phone
  • ???
  • profit
not as tedious as it looks, actually. the benefit is no data usage for phone, no ads, and i can play my music anywhere I want.
plus i don't get glowie letters in the mail telling me to "cease and desist" my use of public trackers.
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Soulseek is the tits. Although there are a few exceptional individuals on there that refuse to share their folders, yet still leech stuff from you.

I know you can prevent users that aren't sharing anything from downloading from you, but it doesn't stop these shitheads from turning on sharing for just long enough to start the download, only to close off their share as soon as they've finished leeching.

Yeah I know ... I'm MATI.

  • use youtube-dl.exe
youtube-dl ... It's not just for ripping on-demand video anymore.