Where do you see yourself in 10 years? -


Exalted Herald of Autism
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Optimistic: Financially secure, established career that is profitable and enjoyable, possibly started/starting a family.
Pessimistic: World War 3 conscript/dead.
Autistic: Still here, but achieved nothing in life.


Happiness Bunny
True & Honest Fan
Hopefully married to a hot broad with a kid or two.

But more than likely alone and still browsing on here.

Lucifer's Rectum

Rapidly deteriorating mental state
Most likely living alone in some backwater town doing a job that's basically my fields equivalent of treading water.

Midlife Sperglord

Sperging over console gaming.
Still at my current job, still living in my current town, definitely in a different apartment, though. Rent started going through the roof after my apartment complex got bought out a couple of years ago, but my wages remained the same.
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What are they going to do, force you to eat at burger king?
If its the mobile kind into a guard rail other cars shit like that if I want to put my tinfoil hat on. If its your standard trailer type deal again too fuckin small I have lots of shit and I want to buy more shit.


A series of jars and ice chests. I'm an organ donor. My liver will likely provide medical science with one Hell of a specimen for the study of rapid onset cirrhosis. I have you fuckers to thank for that.
Lolcow-tard cum gives Grandma depression something fierce, resulting in a hankering thirst for magic brain-begone juice (Vodka).
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Given my kidneys, nervous system and adrenals are starting to pack in already I'll probably be on disability if I'm alive at all.

If I am alive, I guess I'll rake in those NEETbux, play videogames, shitpost and wait for death in between seizures. Meh, there's worse ways to spend your time.

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