Where I post all my TTS threads for you to laugh at (Null said it was OK! No ban plz) -


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Nulledit: CDMP has been an autistic nuisance for fucking weeks and it's been proposed we ban him, but SHOULD WE???

Take a moment to read these great TTS threads he's posted to prove what a smart guy he is, and YOU decide!!!


Alright, by popular demand in chat, here are my full TTS threads, oldest to newest, for you to point and laugh at. Null told me nobody cared if I shared the other parts of the conversation, so I'll do so.

This should have been placed in TTS, I am moving it there now.
Looking through them, it's just the same post made over and over again. It's probably because both threads are very very boring. I can see it going on forever and ever with the type of people that post in A&H.
If we already have a thread on the subject it may get moved, deleted or otherwise edited in some way. It is always better to post on an existing thread then to start a new one.
I don't see any reason for this. A&H is a part of Deep Thoughts as being the board where we allow serious discussion. Lipitor locked it, which seems strange. I didn't even realize he was a supervisor.
Though really you can suck my dick OP, don't insult my fucking staff.
he's just very low key
So this was a decent one, apparently my concern was valid, but clearly Null didn't appreciate me insulting his staff as seen above. Let's see how well I learned this lesson:

Corbin Dallas Multipass said:

I banned you because you got pissy at a member I like who was mocking a member who was being cringey. I'm not unbanning you.
I think this is dumb, can I be unbanned please? And also, can I get an amen?

i wont revert someone elses action, but imo since it wasnt just you acting retarted then either everyone should be threadbanned or you should be unbanned
Well I'm glad we see it the same way.
Am I really supposed to send a PM to all the mods? Chat is telling me to do so, but I really think they're just trying to get me to do something stupid and make a (further) ass of myself... Which I do perfectly well on my own thank you very much...

@Null Plox rmv threadban or tell me to fuck off, or both, or better yet, some other even funnier thing I didn't think of. But don't just ban me entirely, although I do see how that would be a funny response. Shit, that's the funniest response. I'm fucked...
kill yourself
Hmm ok but can I be unbanned first?
i'm about to just ban you because this shit is getting everywhere and you're harassing my staff now.
Argh, well plz don't. I don't want to harrass anyone. I am trying to do this the right way, I will shut up about it elsewhere. Sorry.

Edit: I like your site and it sucks I pissed you off, sorry man.
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Corbin Dallas Multipass said:

The "mandatory Holocaust education" thread in a&h was locked, seemingly after @Trombonista got in the last word. Why?

Edit: fixed link
I don't usually publicly backtrack a mod decision, I try not to, but I really vehemently disagree with locking a thread just because "you don't see any problem with it".

Congress wants to change all education across the country to talk more about the fucking holocaust. 90% of my history lesson in Florida about WW2 was about the fucking holocaust, and since then they've opened up entire year-long classes specifically about the holocaust. How much more holocaust education do we need in the US before the Jewish population is satisfied, and why can't it be discussed?
I just see it as the thread became about people just yelling at each other about if the Holocaust happened or not rather than it being odd that the govt wants to force us to learn about it despite it already being forced down everyone's throats. Maybe a mass the Jews did this thread is in order at this point cause each article that mentions them even when it has an interesting topic or argument goes back to the same point over and over again with the same "the doors have spaces" articles get shared and people get mad and the cycle renews and it gets boring real fast.
Why's it matter? A&H is already widely viewed as a containment board. How does locking the thread improve the health of it? It just looks like an arbitrary decision and the reason given in particular is leaned away from "we have threads for this" and more towards "this is how it should be".
Oh, I agree for the most part. I was just trying to come up with a way to make the sub/threads more readable at least in my eyes but if you don't care I'm not gonna worry too much about it. Was just taking my chance since the topic came up.
A&H consumes everyone who tries to mod it. Literally everyone who was a mod there has disappeared or gone crazy. Just leave it be

Cool thank you. By the way I am not one of 'da joos' Spergs. But why not just threadban the idiot who was spamming garbage?

EDIT: I should note, this resulted in a locked thread being removed from Spergatory and made a front page story. So my contributions are > 0, at least...
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A&H is for real-world events and not reddit news. It's obviously pertinent to the T_D thread and nowhere else. @Feline Darkmage if you're banning people for talking about the quarantine in that board, don't bother. It's not "white knighting" to say reddit admins are also fags.

The listed reason is derailment, and given that you can't seem to make any post shorter than three paragraphs I can probably guess what happened. Your thread ban ends on Jul 6, 2019 at 10:21 AM. Just wait it out and don't get into pissing contests.
Sorry to bump this again, I notice I am banned from making community watch threads (smart move there, that was about to get autism poured on it).
Just would like to know if that expires at the same time.

OK, I'm really playing with fire here, but could someone tell me if/when my community watch thread creation ability will be restored?
@Feline Darkmage , can you tell me if/when my community watch thread creation ability will be restored? Or point me to the person who can? Thanks.

EDIT: Nevermind, I am extremely stupid again. Ignore this, a nice mod has explained the nature of my exceptionalism and all is well.
@TerribleIdeas™ is threadbanned for seven days, it's getting old. If this continues when or if he returns, please alert me. Back to your regularly scheduled autism, guys.
So @Okkervils threadbanned @TerribleIdeas™ over what appears to be a difference of opinion about feminism? What's up with a mod warning about negrating?

In that same thread, @SourDiesel is allowed to freely derail and insult, since they have the correct opinions apparently.

Here's the thread, with @TerribleIdeas™ last post before being banned. https://kiwifarms.net/goto/post?id=5100952

BTW, all this autism is mine alone, TerribleIdeas certainly didn't ask me to do this.

lmfao when did the A&H users get a union rep?

You have seen enough examples of my autism to know this is very on brand for me. I appreciate you always poking your head into my TTS threads though, makes me feel heard, you know?

But really, I made this to complain about Okkervils action in that thread, although if the ban is overturned that'd be a fun bonus. Like, legit, why was that ban made? Why is there a mod note about negrating?
@Corbin Dallas Multipass @Okkervils is a supervison, not staff, so she cannot view this thread. Thus far I feel that her and ODB had done a fantastic job of wrangling the tards in Yaniv.

Now I know a thing or two about the situation with the user who was banned from the thread. Dyn was toying with the guy a bit and just having fun. The guy was going full reddit and was more huff and puff than having a good time. His posts were reported for being big mad and we discussed it. @Okkervils decided to remove him from discussion. I would have let him stay in the thread myself because its the yanny forum and all those threads are garbage, but she's trying to clean it up.

Now, you might say "well what about dyn? he is king shit disturber" and you are right in a way, but his posts are staying within the boundaries and while i question the earnestness of his discussion, nonetheless, he doesnt seem to be disturbing any shit that isnt already disturbed.

These are just my thoughts on the matter, but it might be more useful to PM @Okkervils and get her take on the issue. If you like, feel free to add higher-up staff to it as well because who knows? maybe the ban should be lifted.
Stop looking for problems and inserting your huge schnoz into every mod decision.
My shnoz is of average size! And the problems present themselves, unfortunately.

This is a very reasonable response, thank you for helping me understand how this stuff works. Well then I suppose I won't post in this TTS thread anymore as the intended staff cannot access it.

Thank you for being such a good tardwrangler to me, sneasel.
So apparently @TerribleIdeas™ is banned from tts. That's weird. He wants to make a thread to complain on his own behalf. Maybe someone could tell the dude why he's banned from tts, he seems genuinely confused about it.
That's already been sorted because he contacted staff. Fuck off.
Cool, thanks. Fuck off to you too, my empty variable friend.
Corbin Dallas Multipass said:
I was banned from the pizzagate thread for... thinking Epstein's death was suspicious, then responding sarcastically to a response. @Trombonista was the banning admin.

Reason: "You're just looking for a fight, aren't you?"

This after Trombonista went looking for a fight with me and apparently didn't enjoy my response.


Here's a link to the 'offending' posts.

I know it's just a 1 day ban, but it's clearly for disagreeing with Trombonista.

This isn't the first time they've done this either.
Yes sir, fucking off then...

Tagging me every post because your gorilla ass is too fucking dumb to screencap pages is a really bad idea because I'm being reminded how fucking noisy and stupid you are.
Oops sorry, Didn't realize I had you tagged in there.

So, there you go. All my TTS threads to date. As you can see, staff agreed with me about half the time, disagreed almost the other half, then finally were just confused as to what the fuck I was trying to communicate to them.

And Null loves me but is too embarrassed to admit it.