Where I post all my TTS threads for you to laugh at (Null said it was OK! No ban plz) -


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do you see what happens
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I am just exceptional, but what does TTS actually stand for?
I can only think Text To Speech, but that can't be it.
TTS is Talk to Staff which is really more like Talk to a Wall. It's something staff tell you to post to even though they don't read it unless it's to get mad at what people post to it. I posted a minor update to the locked Nick Bate thread from the PA Supreme Court to it a month ago and, as usual, nobody did shit about it.


Meh, keeping him is not bad by itself. As long as he doesn't do anything illegal, no need to ban him. Besides, I find him funny to be around with. If it's needed to ban him for his "autism" or sperging(don't know much of it), a temp ban of a week or so is good. If he acts again, just temp ban. It's a cooler solution. If you keep seeing that you'll get banned, it either forces you to be more spergier or to cool down and be smarter in what you say. Or maybe you just get a break from the farms, that would improve your mind a bit.

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I looked at the beginning of this thread the final straw that got Null to have a poll on banning him because CDMP accidentally tagged him in his posts. How is it fair to have a poll on banning someone over an accident?
Lol. Not an accident. He did that on purpose.

And plus Corbin always shat up threads by constantly arguing with the existence of the thread, like the r/TheDonald thread where he automatically characterized everyone on that thread as lul Trump haters or whatever, even though said generalization is false.

I recommend you lurk a little more, you seem to be on the sensitive side of things.
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everything is terrible
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I really tried to get him to lolcalmdown awhile back, and it obviously didn't help. After a certain point kiwis are obligated to fuck off out of threads/forums if they are getting too upset about the content. The mods would be spared a lot of work by letting him go.

Corbin- ban yourself from the internet for awhile. Engage in IRL shit. This is a chance to make changes and improve your life.


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Voting keep for the comedy value of him going to demolish his second chance and being banned anyway. Plus I don't think he's a shit user like some of the people I've seen get banned. Though seriously, just take your lumps; It's what I do even on those occasions I think the ruling was wrong.

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