Where the fuck is amberlynn? - Chantal doesnt know either

Where is amberlynn reia?

  • Dead

    Votes: 54 18.8%
  • Food Coma

    Votes: 44 15.3%
  • Recording vlogs so she can give us outdated content

    Votes: 99 34.4%
  • Another cancer scare

    Votes: 4 1.4%
  • Muh mentuls

    Votes: 120 41.7%
  • Too fat and too ashamed to go on camera

    Votes: 37 12.8%
  • Corona chan finally entered the amberverse

    Votes: 31 10.8%
  • Something happened to the pets

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Surprised Pikachu

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Has she ever been this long absent from ALL social media before? Gorl has just discovered Tiktok, I can get her taking a break from vlogging but the lack of input on anything at all is weird.

I can’t stand the lazy boring fatty but I don’t want to be cheated out of watching her financial and literal death, she owes us for the shit tier content we’ve been force fed this past year.

Slappy McGherkin

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Y'all need to chill. Seriously, this Hamber y'all are speeck-u- lating on here.

It's Slappy's opinion that no news is the same as it ever was -- no news.

She'll be back, we'll still be dispektful pieces of shit, and the cycle will be the same as it ever was.

No hysteria here.

Add 25 pounds.

mythical mother

Please tell me that Chantal is getting her ass handed to her in the comments for entirely missing the point as to why people think their eating disorders shouldn’t be monetized. Can you imagine if a heroin addict uploaded videos like “shoot up with me!”, “paraphernalia haul” or “fentanyl taste test!”? I don’t understand why death fats can’t see the difference between someone who is chubby or curvy and someone who is committing suicide via carbs.

And the “skinny people who died from diabetes or cholesterol” argument is retarded. I guarantee that if she’s not completely making that up, she’s talking about someone who was type 1 diabetic or someone who has a genetic condition that made them unable to process cholesterol. There’s no middle ground with these idiots. They all have black and white thinking. They can’t comprehend nuance.

As far as big Al, I think her shopping and eating have reached yet another peak and she’s just “enjoyeen” the shekels she has made from exploiting her horrific weight and “cancer”. She knows she’ll make a shit load of money when she comes back. This entire “disappeareen” act is a troll, just like everything else she does. She’s a joke and she knows it, but as long as she’s able to shill, she doesn’t care.
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"I'll tell you later."
"Amber is not demonetized. That would be discrimination" Fucking lol. It's amazing how people like Amberlynn and Foodie Beauty Just don't get it. You'd be demonetized for actively filming you killing yourself with food not just because you're human blobs.


not buying she has any money saved to sustain her pathetic life style. she will come back with I had a breakdown because you are all so mean or it will be about the weight loss dr and how they said she would die and they are mean. she is loving this idiots keep checking her channel to see if she posted are they all that dumb? every view makes her views go up you can clearly see when she posts so right now her videos the old ones the hits are going up and up why are people so stupid

Fascist Ferret

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My vote is on issues with twinky she couldn't hide.
Huh... I didnt think of that.

Tbh people were sure that something happened with the cats since they were MIA when she moved to the new place, but, miraculously, they're still alive and made more camera appearances.

I added that as a poll option anyway. Maybe something has happened to twinkie and she wants to avoid another drama similar to when she chose to eat out with the other deathfats instead of take twinkie to the vet. (She totally loves her widdle twinkie stor, tho)
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