Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Death of the Internet

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Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that once...it was alright I guess.
True & Honest Fan
Apr 8, 2018
Rare Nool pic on that article.
Is that our bootiful boi all growed up?

Wait...that might be car accident Brendan Fraser.


Apr 26, 2021
Good article. I will say this, though: regardless of your reservations about hosting Kiwi Farms as a hidden service, I firmly believe that (a) the vast majority of this site's registered users would use the .onion address if forced to, and (b) if that happened, this site would be the best-run forum on Tor.
Given how centralized the Internet has become, is it really so much of an ask anymore to ask users to open a different browser for one of the few interesting sites left?


The hammer has got to drop
Mar 20, 2019
I read this when you first wrote it here and it gave me a bit of an existential crisis. It made even a Luddite like me understand how basically the whole world’s freedom of expression, speech and (I don’t think it’s too much of a reach to include) thought is ultimately in the hands of a few corporations that most of us aren’t even aware of. I’m glad to see it getting a wider audience. Congrats on being published.

King Ghidorah

king of the cosmos and autism
Mar 9, 2020
I definitely think Russia will balkanize its own internet because Putin has nothing but utter contempt for his people, that might make other countries think about it.
Russia is also an absolutist dictatorship for all intents and purposes most other nations have to at least keep up a veneer of playing nice with the public lest your head be skewered on a stake