Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Death of the Internet

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Idiot Asshole

Mar 31, 2021
All anyone ever needed to do is tell these people is "no", as in: No, I will not take down anything without a court order. It feels good to say it, trust me.
It's slightly depressing knowing how few people actually abide by this principle. Even I can't say I can stick with my principles through thick and thin. I really commend you, Josh; you genuinely have gone above and beyond in maintaining your integrity no matter what or who you've come up against, even if you are kind of a sped yourself



HP Lovecraft's Cat
Sep 9, 2021
Very informative article for reasons that others have already said.

I have always been more partial to imageboards and the culture stemming from that, but I must say this site does a really good job of allowing the better aspects of imageboards while curbing some of the excessive autism. It's genuinely well-balanced in having both broad freedom of expression and a relatively high quality of discussion, which is very rare these days.
This is Constantinople and the blue checkmarks DDoSing at the gates are the Ottoman Turks
Does that make Gab Vienna? And Andrew Torba the Winged Hussars?

Vern Schillinger

Mar 16, 2021

Fireman Sam

Polish Penis Radio!
Feb 24, 2020
Interesting read! I had only really heard about Section 230 from MATI streams, and that was during the threat to it with the push for potentially callous reforms. I like learning about this sort of thing and Null seems to know a vast deal about what is going on because he's very much been at the arse end of dealing with a lot of this shit.
TLDR wall of text below
I suppose this is a bit of a moot question but what would happen to vidya games if it came to pass that the 'capital-I' Internet turns into a bunch of 'lower case i' internets? Would something as trivial as just playing games with people in other nations even be possible in a truly worst case scenario? I'd imagine there would be exceptions for it or they would at the *least* not have chat features in games, there has already been a significant shift in your ability to say what you want in modern online games as the companies that run them can ban you for just 'toxic' behaviour (whatever that may mean in the current year) because yes, they're a private company and reserve the right to remove anyone from their games for whatever reason.

Perhaps just general browsing the internet and such would be impacted heavily. As outlandish as this might sound to normies, I could absolutely see a situation come about where you can no longer freely communicate with the other side of the world as whatever country you might be in (America included) might just decide that for political reasons you are no longer allowed to talk to X country. Say that there's a real diplomatic incident with Russia or something, the fragmentation of the Internet would allow governments and companies to easily restrict the flow of communication outside of their bubbles.
This could be in 10 years, 20 years... But at the rate things are going, it's certainly something we might see in our lifetimes.

A lot of people joke that Kiwifarms is just one of those 'underground' sites, something that most people wouldn't miss if it suddenly went away... That's true to the average person who only uses the Internet for Facebook or Google, but while they celebrate the hypothetical death of the notorious evil transphobic Stalking community, they could suddenly find themselves next on the chopping block. It is no secret that Facebook will just automatically apply infractions on you for even the slightest joke seen as problematic, and that includes saying you'll kick someone's butt in a soccer match.
*My* favourite sites might be considered Hatespeech now and outright blocked in some countries eventually, but then when that's dead and buried, the paradigm will shift and then they'll doubtlessly start going for *anything* that seems anti-establishment or simply whatever these huge companies and world Governments simply don't like.
One by one, freedoms will be restricted, things will be choked, everything will feel increasingly more censored and sanitized and it'll never be enough. And yet useful idiots will continue to champion the complete lockdown of the Internet.
Said useful idiots that smugly chant the mantra "just build your own x" fail to realize how difficult and costly that is and will instantly begin sucking Google's dick despite claiming they're not. Google and news media don't give a shit about them, they're a company and conglomerate so big they probably see themselves too big to ever fail, Governments don't care either, it benefits them to be able to easily control the narrative no matter who is in charge and no matter what their way of running a country is.

Even if the Farms was magically funded by some Saudi prince or MOSSAD or whatever the fuck, it doesn't change the fact that the legal grounds around what is allowed on the Internet is changing. Things have been getting increasingly worse and even zoomzooms such as myself have seen it get worse and more restrictive. I'd wager the hurt is much more to people who remember the old Internet, I only saw a fleeting glance of the 'wild West' of the Internet and that was when I was too young to possibly know what was going on.
The change was subtle and constant, like a drip of water slowly making a prisoner go insane.

What may be seen as normal and kosher today might end up becoming the next Hate Speech in a decade or so. People are happily digging their own graves while laughing at our own. Still, I'd like to remain positive, though the prospect of having to use Tor to access something as seemingly inconsequential as the Farms does have a sort of end times bunker feel about it and I don't like it.

Heavy Duty Boots

Aug 7, 2021
Very interesting and poignant article, but... shit will only get worse from now. There is no stopping it, the Internet is far too consolidated to fix the censorship problem, and the only ones that could do anything about it (governments and megacorps) are the ones pushing this shit on the first place. It's not even unpopular to censor anymore, the NPC masses at Twitter and Reddit will happily applaud the death of free Internet because someone said nigger once. The powers that be don't like that there is a free network outside of their absolute control, they need to control you and make your life as miserable as possible. The State, and the State-like megacorps are absolute evil, and the only existence they want for you is soy drinking bugman

Zig-Zag the Grand Vizier

You Can't Nig-nag the Zig-zag
Sep 14, 2019
EDIT: Sorry for wall of text. Just need to ramble some shit off my chest. (:_(

On an individual level I am in a state where I could and want to stand up to censorship without worrying about my personal income. However, people in my close vicinity may face repercussions should my personal info be found out. Outside of KF I am not popular. I'm not an influencer. I don't have a Facebook or non-business Twitter. I hardly talk to anyone. I'm not a social pariah and don't outwardly try to sway opinions with my thoughts. I just happen to have become a hermit in my current life.

I have been an observer of SJW and Alt-Right communities in the past (and several inbetween and without) and find that people more often than not create illusory castles where they get to be the king and execute any naysayers. It happens on a micro and macro level. I find there is a common trend with Internet users in that they are more concerned about the perception of their online persona versus actually being an honest individual and living a life true to themselves. In my experience people are uninterested in holding a meaningful conversation if it does not explicitly benefit them or cater to their autistic interests.

Frankly speaking, I'm retarded but I'm not stupid. Low IQ people are ruining the Internet. Low IQ people don't seem to understand the "meta" of world operations and thus fail to understand things such as nuance, connotation, or satire. At the heart of all of their desires, they are following fashion trends peddled to them by people who want as much of their money as possible. Because of that, services cater to idiots.

This is a personal anecdote but it has occurred to me several times that I cannot ignore the pattern. Twitch, for instance, used to be an enjoyable experience even on smaller channels in my opinion (pre-2016ish). However, in the last few years there has been a trend with the company to make absolutely fuck-all retarded decisions. It seems to be in an attempt to "protect" individuals, but anyone with more than room temp IQ will tell you that Twitch promoting groups such as (((females))) and POC creators on the front fucking page is an act of making those individuals targets for harassment rather than helping their community grow. Sites like Twitch and YouTube are a new genre of mental pornography in that content creators are exploited for entertainment and monetary gain. It exploits the same kind of people who have addiction problems (both creator and consumer). It's hard to believe both sites are unaware of this as they sacrifice their creators as scapegoats so they can write 100 articles about how despite all their efforts "literal Nazis" still use the platform just to get a finger in another pie.

How do you fix that though? The root problem of all these sites that are damaging what I and many others here value about the Internet is that they want to turn a profit, but why does it have to be so much? These sites make so much money they sway public opinion with flashing lights and pretty colors (and sometimes tits). If Twitch and YouTube don't become this new genre of pornographic website that is known in the public eye to abuse creators/users under the guise of entertainment and comedy, I feel like the only way they will lose support is if it becomes fashionable to mock people who make money streaming.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Call me a schizo. I don't have a lot of places to rant about the Internet so thanks for providing this SAFE and WHOLESOME space for me.
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Jul 28, 2019
Internet became too big so it had to be controlled. Any platform where one can freely express their opinions needs to be gayened up to a point only the worst sycophants remain. Democracy dies in sunlight because it is controlled by filthy hook-nosed vampires.