Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Death of the Internet

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Mar 23, 2019
> The Financial Fix

The "Payment Processing" cartel is a government-chartered gatekeeper to the
government-monopoly banking and currency system.

It ought to be a condition of their charter that they 'process' all legal transactions without discrimination.


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Mar 29, 2014
Like I said, before the internet, mass media was controlled by corporations. The only alternatives were stuff like public access TV and xeroxed newsletters that almost no one saw. When the internet went mainstream, the "little people" could speak their mind to a wider audience, and corporations didn't like that. So just like how the powers that shouldn't be flipped out over the invention of printing, they flipped out over the internet - and pushed to make it the sanitized corporate honknet that the Current Year internet is turning into.

"Control the media, control the mind."
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Feb 17, 2021
Thanks null, for trying.

You did your best. That's really what matters. I hope your preserverence can be a lesson and example to others.

There's really nothing to do except raise awareness, and that is becoming harder due to censorship. There will be eventually a peak where people will be fed up, but I fear that no one will do anything, because "nothing ever happens".

Ultimately, we have to fight, using what we have. It's not easy but we can do it if we try. Remember though, liberty has and will preserve. It will come through, but it needs dedicated individuals.

Sperg rant over. Don't stop trying.


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Jan 14, 2018
Thank you, @Null, For a good and informative article.

Then it comes to TERREG, I wonder as how will this regulation affect countries

who is in the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and (EEA European Economic Area)

EEA Member states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway; excluding Switzerland

EFTA Member States: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

As for countries in general who are in the EU region but does not have EU membership like Ukraine and Serbia.

Sadly then it comes to political specter to my country.
Parties from left and right wants EU membership.
So they can get cozy bureaucrat jobs in Brussels.

We voted no for EU membership. In 72 and in 94.
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Sep 14, 2019
The internet is already dead. Look at google results. Look at youtube results. Look at the browsing habits of zoomers. Look at Indians adding consts to the linux kernel. VPNs and cloudflare will not save your ass. It's just a matter of time.
Bro an Indian taught me how to use a specific tool in Blender for free. Zoomers are teaching me Giorno's Theme on piano without even having known the source material aside from memes. The Internet we love will adapt to be a strange creature of laughter and joy at the expense of others. There is no way a place that people go to see exceptional individuals act like exceptional individuals will disappear for good.


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Jul 2, 2015
I recall some old systems like Freenet that I loved the idea behind. Similar to Tor I guess, and has a nice touch of the old early internet wild west of finding randos blogs and what not.

It just hurts that a lot of these options are also hijacked and used by folk like pedos. Double edged sword and all, bleh. Telegram is horribly popular for shit like that I hear, and now it's all moving to Wickr. Every time I hear of a new privacy based programme, there's always the news later that it's being used for illegal stuff like that.

"I believe that all US legal content should be accessible by a regular person with an ordinary web browser" Exactly what I'd want too, yeah. I can understand wanting privacy via person to person communication and your own identity privacy via browsing, but censorship of a whole website is gross, despite how iffy the content might be.

Hell, the harder someone tries to hide something, the more people want to look into it. I'm sure many people have curiously came to visit and stayed after being told not to come here because of how horrible it is.

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Dec 23, 2020
By clamping down I mean associating your porn habits with a verifiable ID like some countries are already doing.
Oh right, yeah. That's been the other half of this shit since forever in the West. Both the use of obscenity as a blank cheque for censorship and the way it lets government get hooks into your private life and fuck everyone up with these really conveniented implemented neuroses from birth even if you never so much as look at porn. I don't know about the ID thing because it's almost more useful not to make it explicit, and instead keep shifting the definitions and taboos around while flooding sites with unavoidable incest shit or whatever the current flavour is so that people get to walk around with guilty consciences, feds can keep spamming contraband on any dissident platforms they feel like seizing, etc. There's a plausible deniability that's instrumental there which I don't think they'd wanna give up by actively regulating too much, let alone blowing whatever subsistence level of utility the web has left and driving people to alternatives.

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Sep 23, 2018
Cloudflare just began testing a new service that intends to compete with Amazon's data storage service (S3) called R2.
I don't understand why a specific service for a case like this is necessary. Can't you just use Cloudflare's CDN service and then host the file on your site directly and let the CDN take care of the rest?

At any rate, centralizing on Cloudflare is still centralizing. I'm worried about how much of the Internet has this single point of failure, no matter how convenient it is. It might be convenient now but I'd be looking to move onto my own disks as quickly as possible.


Feb 26, 2020
Still blows my mind you guys didn't have a bank service like fednow. Really take for granted I can just send money to anyone in canada at any time. I think mexico also recently started implementing it.

That said, would a potential help, not fix, be fore 230 to clarify that platforms that can reasonably action all posts are partially liable? Parler was apparently responsible for the non insurrection on january 6th, so why isn't twitter, a platform that can check my post before it goes online, not responsible?

Seems like some turbo faggotry to me.

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Apr 11, 2018
'Required' xkcd comic:

There is also talk about how even furries have a big part on this:

...now that I write this: how ould archive.fo fare? That website has been changing URL extensions all the time. I feel that website is being attacked a lot.

Also, what would you say abou this criticism of Cloudflare and its pushing iptables hacks?
The counterarguments of which I can think are that information is 5-years-old with iptables being depreciated. Plus, eurasia being since shut down gives a bad impression of the advise in that link.
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Jan 25, 2020
I'm getting eternal September flashbacks, oldfags that escaped to TOR hosted image boards saw writing on the wall the day anonymity was being shit on, knuckle dragging plebbit tier normies alongside with fags who dump credit card information, CP and then some. Here in soviet union 2.0, site owners are responsible of the content the users post. This being current year vague terms like hate speech can choke smaller sites with ease since authoritarian hypersensitive commie fags in charge do not want people question why their rights to use internet boils down to emasculated and kosher topics.

This isn't just problem in United States, world powers gladly eat ass of China and copy their model of the internet

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Mar 29, 2021
This is incredibly impressive and an article you should be proud of.

I think what you’ve done with this site is possibly one of the most interesting things ever done on the internet. The fact I feel more comfortable on this site, I site I got publicly made fun of on, than I would on Tiktok/Instagram, speaks volumes about centralised & overly censored platforms like Instagram which are being basically taken over by SJWs (for lack of better terminology), submissive to authorities & extremely passive. Personally I am extremely pro-privacy which I suppose is paradoxical to this point.

Personally I’m not Cloudflare’s greatest fan for a few reasons that I don’t feel the need to bring up at this time, but to deny the positives they bring such as not censoring political beliefs, mitigating DDOS attacks & providing security to sites would be an insult to them. I won’t say much regarding CF but it’s important to keep in mind that even limited censorship conglomerates, can end up replacing governments, just stay safe.

You can’t change the system unless you’re inside of it. I admire your perseverance despite our initial disagreement but when the chips are down you are probably one of only a handful of people in the world who has the strength & skill and willingness to fight this battle.


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Nov 10, 2013
Who needs legal precedent when you can just blackmail someone and then fake your own death?

Interesting read. I can't really pretend to know everything being talked about but I think you summed up the gist for any idiot to get enough. I fully expect to see you in front of the supreme court one day. Imagine that crazy timeline.