Where were you during 9/11 -


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I was at work at media job from overnight into the morning. We kinda stood around with our thumbs up our ass because we just ran prerecorded stuff and didn't have live news feeds or anything.
Then after I got out I went to the mall to play DDR for a while like usual.


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that was a very surreal day.
the strange part was how long it took before i heard the news and understood it.
and then we (everyone at school) had to go the rest of the day acting like it didn't happen (a national tragedy isn't enough to make let people go back home)
everyone was quiet, and the campus was unusually clean (usually it's littered with uneatened slices of pizza or cups full of soda)
i think everyone who understood what happened knew that things changed that day.


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I was probably 7 and I had the habit of getting up early to watch the news because I was a weird kid. I remember seeing a news broadcast with these buildings smoking and hearing that people were jumping out of the windows. When I was in class later that day we had an announcement over the intercom about the attack and we had a moment of silence.
Then I wrote a story where Voldemort was behind 911 and my shitty cat OC had to fight him.

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I feel like a youngling here. Anyway, I was 4 or 5 around the time of the incident. I didn't go to kindergarten yet at the time. My mom was at college I think and I was being watched by my dad. (My siblings were in elementary school, so they didn't see it) I was watching Nick (Nick Jr is the new name for it now) or Cartoon Network when it popped up on screen. My dad was seriously trying not to get me to see it but it was everywhere.


It was a couple of days before my 10th birthday. I remember waking up (I lived on the West Coast) to my mom crying in front of the tv. I then saw the footage. I then got pissed because I thought people would forget my birthday. Yeah, I was a pretty bratty kid. I then went to school and there was an announcement from the principal saying that we weren't gonna talk about what happened and instead it was gonna be a normal day. It was still weird because it was like a giant elephant in the room. Everyone knew what happen but no one aknlowedged it. But I didn't have to go to after school care that day because my parents worked in a city and got released early due more possible attacks.

What's made this really weird for me was that I went to New York for vacation the year before and we visited the World Trade Center while there. I remember wanting some merchandise from the gift store there but my mom wouldn't let me because I already had enough. "We'll get it next time" she told me.


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I was nine and according to my parents, fast asleep. My mom told me she saw what happened while she was at the gym or something like that.


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I was in elementary school at the time; my teacher turned on the TV in the room and flipped it to the news. Everyone in class just sat around watching it; I didn't immediately comprehend what was happening and initially thought it was a movie until the next day when the school briefly went over what happened and had a moment of silence.
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7th grade math class.

The principal of the junior high went around to each of the rooms and turned off the TVs showing footage, but the teachers turned them right back on because fuck that bitch.
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I was on irc after getting off an all night shift.

A friend on the channel had just seen the first plane hit out his office window, very shortly after I got back to home.

I didn't really grasp the severity of the situation, and thought this was perhaps a really terrible pilot.

When the second plane hit it was pretty obvious what was actually going on.

I turned my radio back on at this point, and listened to Howard Stern's show for hours. Unlike many New York-based celebrity douchebags, Howard stayed in the city and his show on 9/11 was pure newsmanship. All the pussies who fled the city should be ashamed of themselves.

Anyone who was listening to Stern on 9/11 can confirm this. That son of a bitch was a true American on that day.