Where were you during 9/11 -


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I was lazing around on the couch watching TV, when the breaking news showed that jet fuel can't melt steel beams what was happening.


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I was in kindergarten and my class was in the school library reading books. I remember all the adults crowding around a computer when they got the news.
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6th grade. Remember hearing other kids talking about planes crashing in New York. Didn't think anything of it and thought it was just some accident but other kids were getting pulled from school by their parents. When I got home that day, I learned what happened and watched the news for one of the first times just unsure of what was going on. Watched Tower 7 fall live.

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I was 19 years old and had just graduated my EMT-Basic class, but hand't found a job yet. I was living with my folks at the time and I was asleep in my room when my Mom came in and woke me up. She was really shaken, white as a sheet, and told me to turn on the news. I asked "what was wrong" and she said "the world just changed...the World Trade Center was hit". I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane hit and spent the rest of the day in shock watching the whole thing unfold and calling around to see if there were any volunteer groups locally planning on traveling to help with search and rescue and relief efforts. I wasn't able to find any groups, which made me feel helpless because I wanted to help. When they announced we were going to war I tried to join any military branch who would take me, but my bad knee and having the great toe on my right foot amputated when I was one year old precluded me from joining. 9/11 will always be a day that I'll never forget and had a huge effect on my life.


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I was four. I was in preschool. I didn't understand why I was being taken out of school early. When I got home I wanted to watch TV. My mom told me no. I have a distinct memory her telling me we were gonna turn off the TV and radio for a while. I asked her how long a while was and she just kept saying "a while".
I didn't realize this day was 9/11 for a long time.
I didn't find out 9/11 even happened until I was in 4th grade and leafing through my history textbook. No one ever told me. I found a timeline of major events in American history and saw something about an attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.
And I pieced it together. And I understood why my mom was so freaked out, beacuse one of the places that was attacked was very close to where my dad worked.

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I was in first grade. I actually don't remember it being very different than any other day. I wasn't taken out of school, and nobody really talked about it outside of a few mentions here and there. I'm guessing that they wanted to maintain a calm environment. I didn't even realize what had happened at first, and I thought that the buildings just exploded for no reason (again, first grade).

My family went to church that evening, and I remember them having this really long candle there, which was for the victims. I was just a kid at the time, so I admittedly didn't really give too much of a shit about it. I pretty much put the whole thing out of my mind, except for noticing that there were a shit-ton of American flags where there weren't any before it happened. I understood that the flags were there because of 9/11, but didn't understand why they were there because of 9/11.


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I was in 4th grade. The first news I got was in the form of gossip from the other kids, and I thought they were making it up. For some reason, I thought because we weren't at war, nothing that horrible could happen to us.

It was many years before I truly understood the extent of the depravity possessed by the Taliban and their ideological brothers.


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I was still in preschool back then, apost a month shy of my 5th birthday. Some students left school early, but I ended up staying until class was over. My mother thought I'd be worried if I were picked up early.

TL;DR: My mother insisted on me not being a total pussy.


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I was at school, no one actually told me about 9/11 happening until many years later which is probably a good thing considering I was a paranoid child and I would have become more paranoid


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Kinda amazing to see the impact on everyone here.
Just showed they won that day,a small group causing fear and horror into millions of the world's most powerful country.
I remember I watching this while I was 3,seeing the building's collapse and my family in shock,probably thinking there would be a world war soon
A few days later i grabbed some milk boxes,made wtc towers out of them and hit them with my matchbox 747.
Kinda makes me sad that I was so innocent.
I can't watch 911 videos without feeling incredible despair and sadness,especially since I fell in love with the buildings design.
It also reminds me the end of the 90s and I really feel nostalgia about the 90s culture.

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I was in first grade at the time, and I remember hearing about it on the radio. I didn't really understand what was happening, because I'd lived in Alaska for most of my life, and didn't really know anything about the world. Didn't know what the World Trade Center was, didn't know who the Taliban were, didn't realize that this event would still be affecting the world sixteen years later.
It still feels really surreal watching footage of it. It's like, my brain keeps telling me that it can't be real, and yet it is.


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I was nine, still living in Utah at the time. It happened while my mother (who grew up in NY) was helping my younger sisters get ready for school. She was glued to the TV for the rest of the day. My fourth grade teacher sat the class down and explained what happened. It was the only moment I had with this teacher where she was actually decent or kind - she was just as scared as the rest of us but managed to keep calm and make sure we knew that we were probably going to be ok.

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I was too young to really remember. My Mom told me that my pre-school let everyone out early.