Where were you during 9/11 -

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~6 year old, just got home from kindergarten one autumn evening. My parents turn on the TV to see the evening news. There is some really weird commotion on TV, I go investigate. They are watching Russia's Channel One:
The news programme is all about an attack in America by someone called "terrorists", who crashed two planes into the WTC building in New York and into some place called the Pentagon in Washington. The anchorwoman looks rather distressed, definitely something bad. Lots of footage of two burning buildings, one of which is hit by a plane; they both fall down with lots of smoke. The scrolling text below is in English, I can't understand it.

My approximate thoughts: "Building? Looks more like a burning fence post"


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Ughhhh. I just visited the 9/11 museum in the city a few days ago. Protip: do not go there unless you want to be profoundly upset for the rest of the day.

Anyway. I was in my second or third class in high school and we started hearing bits of news about the first plane. We were all pretty blase' about it - which I feel guilty about to this day - until the second plane hit and then we were just looking at each other like "...the fuck?" It's weird because I'm relatively close to the city, and the rest of the day went on as if nothing were really happening. As students, we were clearly upset and talking about it with each other and not a single teacher knew how to appropriately react.
If we were let home early, it was only by 40 minutes because I remember being in my second to last class as students' names were still being called to the main office to be picked up. I remember going home and literally every cable channel was covering the attacks and there was no way to escape what happened.
The next day at school everyone just fucked around and we "discussed our feelings" like we were in a really miserable after school special.
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I was in grade 6 I think. I was in the lunch room, and we had a big television in there. I was eating a sandwich and I looked up at the television, and I saw the footage of planes hitting buildings. I was like "the hell is this?"
Then I realized, I was watching CNN.
When I went back to class after lunch, our homeroom teacher started discussing everything with us. It kind of affected me as it affected all of us, as I spent most of my youth after that terrified of a terrorist attack on my shitty hometown, or meteors (unrelated) or whatever. I'd like to think we'd have grown up different, those who are around my age, if this hadn't happened.

I remember a few days after, whilst eating breakfast before the bus came, my mom told me that she heard on the radio that they were going to recall a specific bionicle set due to this because it looked/was to be played with like a bomber or something.
I thought about it saying "that's kind of weird, bombers weren't involved" and "Must be the Nui-Kopen or something". I ended up looking it up a long time after the fact and finding no information on the topic. the only prototype set that was stopped in production was the Sand Tarakava, merely a recolor/different masked version of the already extant Tarakava.


School, don't even remember what I was doing though, probably just sitting in there bored thinking about cartoons or movies.

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Creepily enough, it's one of my earliest memories that I can actually recall. I had no idea what the fuck was going on, but some of my daycare teachers were visibly freaked out and crying in the hallways. None of us knew why and when my mom picked me up she explained on the drive home about something really bad that happened in New York city and a lot of people got hurt.
I was really into superheroes and comics and shit at that age, and was more surprised at something bad happening to New York city when there were so many heroes there like Spiderman, the X-Men, etc than the actual event itself.


I was at school. I was 12 at the time. I think people started chattering about it just before we finished but I wasn't paying much attention.

I remember coming home and standing outside the house while my mum talked about it to a neighbor. Then we went inside and watched the news repeat the footage of the impact, the burning towers and the collapse while news presenters, politicians and NY residents talked about it.
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I was at home. I woke up and put the radio on and heard the DJ's talking about a plane going into a tower. I thought it was a weird radio stunt until I put the news on and saw the footage. The rest of the day was eerily quiet and not many people were out.
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I was in 5th grade. My dad woke me up that morning and said I had to come watch the news because it was important. I think I saw the second plane hit and definitely saw the towers fall. I told my dad I was scared and didn't want to go to school that day. He said "The terrorists want you to be afraid. If you don't go to school the terrorists win."

I went to school.
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I found out about it at the grocery store on the way home from a graveyard shift at work. The cashiers were listening to the news on the radio, I couldn’t say I could blame them for that.


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I think I was 9 or 10. My family was in NY at the time and we were scared shitless.


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Doing pretty much the same things I do today except as a child

I remember the internet being obnoxious that day with a lot of websites either blacked out or with big messages that said "TODAY WAS TRULY TARGIC" and "ISLAM DID NOTHING WRONG"

also I couldn't read Penny Arcade because they blacked out the entire site

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I woke up to an unusually dark room and got out to find my parents in their room watching their TV and Mom was crying. No one would tell me anything, so my brothers and I wondered what was going on the way to school, but the kids were all in various states of concern. My fourth grade teacher tried explaining things while trying to hold normal lessons, but eventually we gathered around her TV she had separate from the classroom TV to watch the footage. Everyone was horrified and confused, and I was transfixed trying to comprehend what was going on.

My best friend was from New York, so she wasn't at school for a couple days because they were worried sick about their family and if the one member who worked there was okay. She changed after that day, she was just... angrier. Hell, her brother had himself one of those prop body bags with Osama bin Laden's face printed on it. The next year, Saddam Hussein was coming into the picture and she hated his guts, too, and here I was left in the dark wondering why and how my friend came to be this way.


Here’s where Bruce Prichard was:

Well yew know. Imagine being in the same room as Jim Cornette when the second plane hit.


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High school, in my US history class. It was pretty appropriate.

I grew up in NY but not that end of NY, it still hit us pretty hard


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It was afternoon here so probably out with friends or playing a vidyogame. I think the only thing I remember is parents bitching that now every station is about some fucking American buildings so we watched something from VHS.
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