Which comedians best epitomize the farms? -


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Maybe Bill Hicks. Genuinely clever social commentary, lots of spite but in a fun way, and just fringe enough to get away with it. From what I remember he was pretty fringe for his time.
You’d want it to be Carlin, but I think we’re more about the freaks than the ordinary. Carlin’s best routines were usually about things we all experience but from a different angle.

Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
Owen Benjamin slowly going insane out on his literal farm that he grows kiwi fruit on, and getting b& random shit for having opinions.

Robert Sanvagene

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Isaac Butterfield. A lot of his material revolves around calling SJW culture out, yet he means well when he does it. He just wants us all to be good motherfuckers, but those that miss the point of his comedy find it way easier to write him off as a hater and an alt-right nut job, despite him being neither of these.