Which cow would you like to meet? -


If you could meet any of the cows profiled on here, which one of them would you like to meet and why?

I would like to meet Tommy Tooter, but we would talk about music.
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andr0id psycho sho(ker

I destroy internet memes with my creepy stare!
hm, tough choice. I'd guess secretgamergirl or jake alley. Would be interesting to see what he's like in person and not on his constant twitter binges


spooky frog spooky time
DSP, so I can steal his collection of xmen toys and ridiculous library of video games.
Chris has a lot of toys too, but everything he has is dirty with tard cum and crayola markers.
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are you smarter than 5 gay rats
EDP - we could watch the Eagles game together and bawww when they lose to the Patriots / Cowboys
Gail Chord Schuler - kill jesuits in the name of Robin Williams and Trent's anus
Noodlesandbeef - cock and ball torture

Syaoran Li

Clown World on PCP
If Terry Davis were still alive, I'd hang out with him.

Hell, after all Chris has been through, I'd hang out with him and buy him lunch or something while the two of us just shoot the breeze, provided he doesn't smell.

I would also love to be in a room with Todd Daugherty or Romeo Rose while they go off on one of their rants.

JesuOtaku, just so I can tell her that she looks like a female Joe Dirt, Vic Mignogna did nothing wrong, and that Shield Hero and Goblin Slayer are the greatest anime ever made.
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I refuse to incriminate myself with damning evidence of premeditated intent that the FBI will scrape just for the fleeting dopamine hit of airing my autism. Don't t○uch the poop, etc, et al.
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Alex Krycek

russian bot
Terry A Davis would have been cool to meet.

I don’t consider Metokur a lolcow myself but I’ve been a fan of his for years. Might be cool to have a beer or two.

Brad Watson to see if he’s willing to talk religion irl.

Trolls I’d like to meet irl: Clyde Cash and Sean. Moon Pals brought me so much joy.

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