Which custom PC builders will install Temple OS on a new system? -

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DJ Grelle

mentally ill
I'll do it.
Pay me price of parts, cost of transport and 500€ and I'll build it and install temple OS.

Kosher Dill

Pumpkin Chips
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Isn't it actually impossible to run TempleOS on real hardware for some reason? Even God's Chosen just ran it in a VM.

Leotardo DaVinci

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Any computer with an x86 CPU will run it, but you'll probably run into problems with the bootloader and especially RedSea (the filesystem Terry wrote).

Probs best just to run it on a virtual machine if you don't wanna risk bricking the fuck outta the computer you try install it on.


>wants to PC the Lord's way
>Doesn't schizo out and write his own OS based on the word of God spoken in his head

You're a lazy faggot op and that's why you'll never be able to run templeOS on a bare metal PC because God hates fags.

Mike Stoklasa

Serious answer: None because the OS only runs on specific hardware.
Joke answer: When you install TempleOS, you introduce God into your computer. His presence is too much for the components to handle, which results in everything getting fried. To prevent this, you must use a virtual machine.
The Adeptus Mechanicus would like to have a few words with you, heretic.