Which Eastern Bloc Country Would You Live In? - GO TO GULAG

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I thought about the Czech Republic for many reasons other users have said, and the fact that I have a few friends over there, but there's no way I'm passing up a chance to help tear down the Berlin Wall so East Germany it is.
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The Soviet Union but only if I can take part in crushing the Hungarian revolution or killing socialism with a human face, not because I'm a communist but because I like being a dick.

I won't powerlevel too much, but the Eastern Bloc country I live in is probably one of the best - westernized enough to be rich, but not enough to be a cuck democracy.
Guess what it is?

On the contrary, the country my family comes from (Belarus) was and still is a piss poor shithole.
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Probably poland, followed by serbia
They're not great but you probably wouldn't get fucked with if you minded your business and werent an open lolcow
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Czechoslovakia, because they made some of the coolest Eastern Bloc cars. I'm looking at you, Tatra 603.


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Today I learned I have been pronouncing Bebe Rexha's name wrong for 10 years. A based Albanian dude corrected me and it's actually more like bay bay ray jha. Albania in general seems pretty exceptional, their politics are worse than the US he says.
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