Which is better: Spam or Meatloaf?

Discussion in 'Food' started by Rumpled Foreskin, May 11, 2018.


Which is better

  1. Spam

  2. Meatloaf

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  1. Spam.

    Spam is one of those kind of meats that when unprepared look absolutely terrible, but if you know what you're doing, you can make some pretty damn tasty food with it.

    Plus, if you've never had a Spam Musubi, you have never experienced the pinnacle of snack food.

    Meatloaf is fine too, and especially versatile since you can pretty make any kind of ground up meat into a loaf, but for me, it just doesn't have the same appeal.
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  2. Meatloaf, because I've never had spam (it's not very popular where I live, I don't think it is even sold over here).
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  3. The great thing about meatloaf is that you can use any kind of ground meat(as long as you have enough fat content in it). I have a really good recipe for ground pork and sweet apple meatloaf I like to make on occasion.
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  4. Meatloaf is better overall. Especially with the various ingredients or gravy you can add to it. Spam has its place, but its really more for for snacks or if you are feeling lazy. Fried spam, potatoes, and squash is better than it has any right to be.
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  5. Both have good uses.
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  6. Meatloaf ftw
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  7. Spam is pretty great but meatloaf prepared properly is heavenly.
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  8. Brother
    You speak the true true

    Also @Desire Lines
    Have you tried Spam Musubi

    If it's musubi or spam and eggg i go with spam

    If else I go with Meatloaf
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  9. Everyone would be better off eating vegan spam than eating actual spam. I haven't tried it, but someone that isn't me should sacrifice themselves for the cause, try it and if still alive, report back.

    heathercho Tastes like burnt rice.

  10. Meatloaf. I seen Spam in its forms from musubi to spam eggs and rice at a Filipino McDonalds they're all shit though since with meatloaf, you only need that one in one form. Even in the form of crappy microwave dinners, meatloaf from a box is better than spam. Also, meatloaf was able to make music. What has spam made?

    Canned meat vs meat you make yourself. Of course spam wins at losing.
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  11. Meatloaf is the fucking tits of old school childhood cooking.
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  12. [​IMG]
    A picture that I found of a nice, good, cold meatloaf sandwich. A perfect treat for any lunch.
    I would much like to see what spam could do better, ha ha ha!
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  13. As a cook in my spare time, any meat I can make myself with love and care always dominates over the BS that comes in a can.

    Meatloaf NOW AND FOREVER.
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  14. I've... never had either. Based on the pictures in this thread, they both look okay, I guess.
  15. Hmmph.

    Well, spam is above, say, MREs. You can actually eat it right out of the can (why you would WANT to is another matter). Fries reasonably well and is shelf-stable for (I think) three years. So it's a good 'tuck away just in case things go haywire' option in the basement.

    Meatloaf on the other hand... mom has this recipe for meatloaf loaded with BIG, BLACK DICK. Suffice to say it is wonderful with either gravy or hot sauce.

    Edit: Well, that was an unexpected filter. I'm now desperately trying not to crack up here.
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  16. "Did you bring a can opener?"


    "Then don't knock Spam, it's got its own key."

    Spam is a great food if you're camping. It's compact, filling, cooks up good in a pan with no need for any cooking oil or anything. It also stinks a hell of a lot less than so-called Salt Pork.
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  17. I like both, but spam musubi is a gift from the gods
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  18. You might as well have compared steak to bologna, OP.

    Spam is not even on meatloaf's radar.
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