Which is more cringe: ageplay/ddlg or furries?

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Which is more cringe?

  • ageplay

  • furries

  • they're both equally degenerate

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what some refer to as a "hater"
Nov 10, 2019
just curious as to what other people's opinions on this are.

i want to make a VERY IMPORTANT DISTINCTION that i am NOT asking "which is worse, pedophilia or bestiality?" because you're an idiot if you think animals being abused is somehow worse than literal children being abused. for the sake of the debate, let's presume no actual illegal activity is happening.

by "ageplay" i mean people who get off pretending to be babies or little kids. people who wear diapers or kids' underwear, color with crayons, use baby talk, and want to get fucked by their "daddy"/"mommy"; and from the other side, people who want to fuck people pretending to be children. you could argue that a lot of people into this are suffering from trauma, but to me that's an explanation but not an excuse (perpetuating abuse is a bad coping mechanism). for fun, we can also lump in people who watch or read loli/shota in this category as well, since there's a lot of debate over whether this is actually pedo or just really cringe.

by "furries" i mean people who jerk it to porn of anthropomorphic animals and/or people who fuck in fursuits. i'm also including petplay in this, even though there are a lot of people who are into petplay who don't identify as a furry (like, they don't have a "fursona" or interact with the furry community at all, but they get turned on by wearing a leash and drinking out of a bowl and being locked in a cage). and if we're including loli/shota in ageplay, then catgirls/nekogirls count as furries too. obviously the furry community is a lot larger and more visible, so the cringe is more obvious/plentiful in that sense, but i'm kind of talking about the principle of the thing here.

there's naturally a range to how perverted someone is in either of these categories. you can be "kinda into" it or devote every day of your life to it; you can act like a child/an animal or you can believe that you literally "become" a child/an animal. i think both are gag-worthy when witnessed in public, but i do actually think one is worse than the other. thoughts?

A Welsh Cake

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Oct 4, 2017
I’m going to be controversial and say Furries. Now I’m not saying DDLG is good, far from it. But what I am saying is that Furry as a Subculture has managed to sneak it’s disgusting roots into every gross, immoral and just plain deviant fetish. Including Ageplay.
Really what I’m saying is that Furry ends up being the gateway to all disgusting paraphilias whereas Ageplayists(?) are at least less likely to be dipping their disgusting toes into any of the other scum filled ponds.


K. K. K.an't Edit Posts
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Mar 29, 2019
I don't like your description of ageplay, but it doesn't sound like abuse. It sounds more like an adult living out their fantasies of being/fucking a child through the use of props, costumes and another consenting adult. I would rather they get their fix that way rather than risk them cajoling an actual child.

Similarly I wouldn't have any issues with furries if they kept their antics strictly in the bedroom, but I know quite well they've turned into a sort of sperg mafia. Money laundering, cries of fursecution, blackmail, getting into shootouts with the police, the works. They're consistently the worst group of people I find on the internet.

No Exit

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Oct 5, 2019
The only thing I know about ageplay is that it's usually grown men acting like kids while wanting to be fucked. I don't really see much about pedophilia in that. Maybe the seemingly more rare case of the guy wanting to girl to be a little kid but from what I've seen it's a lot less common.

Furries on the other hand act out their nasty cringe sex fantasies outside the bedroom. They also have stupid costumes for it and demand people treat their fetish like it's some lifestyle you're born with, like a troon.

Ageplay people are creepy and weird but furries are on a whole other level of creepy and weird.

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Sep 23, 2016
The ageplay community has, what? Some doms/daddies being called out for being abusive, weird diaper people who turn their homes into giant cribs and wear a diaper to work, and the occasional borderline pedo obsessed with loli/shota outed as an actual pedo with real cp. DDLG especially is 90% normies who just want some light BDSM with a slight twist that they can do on a Friday evening.

Meanwhile the furry community has all that plus people raping and torturing animals to death, people shooting at cops, people trying to present furrism as a lifestyle that should be indulged in at every moment, all the anarchist/communist/antifa/far-left furries, corruption and gang-like behavior in relation to cons, just degeneracy that spreads to every vice you could think of.


May 30, 2019
Damn, I think this is a "unstoppable force/immovable object" level paradox. Alternately: "Are babyfurs worse because they want to be animals, or because they want to be babies?"

Anyway, the defining cringe quality for me is the degree to which it's taken, but, if we're including anime catgirls/catboys in the furry category, I'm going to have to go with ageplay being the worst in order to defend myself.

Freddy Freaker

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Nov 8, 2018
At least the ageplayers gave us some good copypasta

💞Daddy💞 be nimble🚶🏻 Daddy be quick🏃🏻💨 Daddy has a rock:politisperg: hard dick 🍆😍! 1⃣cummy💦 2⃣cummy💦💦 3⃣cummy💦💦💦 4⃣💦💦💦💦! Daddy cums💦 so much he can't cum any more🙈🙉🙊! Ghost cummy👻💦 Ghost cummy👻💦 don't be scared❌😖❌! There's always more cummies💦👅 that can be shared👬! Daddy makes me ☁squishy☁ Daddy makes me 💧wet💧Daddy treats me like his little pet🐈🐩🐕! Send this to 69 💯TRUE💯 Daddy's or else you'll 🚫never🚫 get any cummies💦💦💦 again 😦😳😎


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Mar 17, 2019
Ageplay is pretty fucked up, but I am aware of some men who go along with that stuff because as long as they ignore all the crazy weird shit, it's a way to get a younger, more attractive (but more or differently mentally ill) woman than they might be able to otherwise.

Obviously this does not include 'daddies' with their own Tumblr blogs. Or anyone who acts that shit out in public.

I don't think this is a thing with furries.