Which is more cringe: ageplay/ddlg or furries?

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Which is more cringe?

  • ageplay

  • furries

  • they're both equally degenerate

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troon patrol

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Jul 17, 2019
Two adults want to role-play I don't care, I don't think there's a correlation between that and actual child predators. Furries encompass just about every form of sexual degeneracy including DD/LG and more and also there is a notable correlation to actual zoophilia aka dog fuckers/horse fuckers. Kero and company denied it and we all know how that turned out.

The odds someone is into DD/LG and a true pedo is much lower than a furry being a dog fucker/true pedo.

Hongourable Madisha

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Jan 9, 2019
I'd say adult babies. I saw some Tumblr blog by a guy who was into DDlg. One day he was in the supermarket and overheard a little girl in the next aisle pleading with her mum to buy her a toy, and he got hard. He swore he wasn't a paedophile and had never thought about it before, but he realised he'd been conditioning himself to be turned on by kiddie things, and someone begging in a little girly voice. He'd developed a sort of Pavlovian response to it. He and his girlfriend stopped it straightaway and just did other sex and fetish stuff, basically to deprogram themselves.
So I see it as more of a gateway drug to paedophilia, or exploiting a sick coping mechanism for an adult who was abused as a kid instead of getting them actual help. With furries, plenty do abuse animals, but most of the time their fursonas are weird fantasy shit like dragons or wolves with tits and forty dicks instead of an actual domestic animal, so they're less likely to act out unless they have another nastier fetish as well.

Edit: Come to think of it, do you get age play that goes in the other direction? Like are there groups of dudes who fantasise about shagging grannies and make their girlfriends wear hairnets and cardigans? I mean there must be, but is it a thing in ageplay groups?


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Feb 11, 2017
I mean I was talking about this with someone earlier who proclaims himself to be a lolicon who isn't attracted to real people like. Why would one find cute sexually attractive? I conflate cute with things that are well, cute and innocent and pure, something you don't want to ever harm and it makes you smile. That includes animals and babies.

Why someone would want to sexualize either imo it's completely understandable that both are taboo. I don't go to the animal shelter and go "oh yeah these puppies are fucking hot I gotta fuck them all in the ass" I think to myself "omg they're so adorable I wanna boop their noses and cuddle them."

Mad Asshatter

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Sep 25, 2019
Age-play by a mile. Furries have a range from 'I just want to LARP being a big doofy cartoon animal' to 'Puke' but Ageplay is from start to finish about sexual fantasies about an adult fucking a child. Even if it's both adults, there is that inherent pedo element.

For those that do it, there does seem that tendency to defend it, because Ageplay gets them off. Guilt or self-disgust isn't conducive to a boner after all, so they need to mentally justify it to make ut 'OK' and not 'You sick fuck, how dare you.'


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Dec 19, 2019
The answer to this question is furries, it's always going to be furries, and anyone who says anything else has not experienced the simply "magical" situation of having a thread on 4chan turn into a furry porn dump because somebody was either upset at the thread existing, thought they were being funny, or both.


Jun 16, 2018
Op said:

I am NOT asking "which is worse, pedophilia or bestiality?"

for the sake of the debate, let's presume no actual illegal activity is happening.

Pedophilia is not illegal.
Child sexual abuse is illegal
DDLG and Ageplay is still pedophilia, you exceptional man
And it's still disgusting.

To ask about DDLG is to ask about pedophilia.
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Death Grip

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Feb 4, 2019
On that slippery slope proposal, I smoked cannabis for years. On a daily basis. From what I was taught at school, this was going to be a gateway drug and would end with me sitting on the floor in an alley, shooting heroin into my veins or smoking crack through a crack pipe .
Guess what? Neither of those scenarios happened and today I can't remember the last time I smoke a fricking joint.
It being Christmas, I have had a few proseccos and a couple of Bailey's. They were very nice and I enjoyed them immensely.
I am not clamouring for a joint or anything harder.
So for me Gateway scenarios are not a thing.
Maybe in terms of society getting de-sensitised, in which case, our fight should be; get it back in the bedroom, perve.
I think the above especially applies to the furry community.


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Oct 20, 2015
AgePlay can be borderline creepy IMO. I seen stuff such as de aging canon characters and playing them as babies to borderline piss and shit fetish pants shitting type things.

I don't think this is a thing with furries.

Most I seen is just babyfur stuff. While it may look harmless, it can get creepy. A lot of creepy people is the main reason why I rarely RP anymore.


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Feb 2, 2019
The part about "naughty pictures with their niece", other more alleged extreme forms of that and the split between roles.

PS, sorry for the late response, it seems I had lost the thread for a bit, until someone now responded to it.

That specific example was about sarah nyberg, who claims by his own words that he was radicalized online. There were chat logs that showed that he shared online pictures of his niece with responses of "I can see underage twat", if I recall the quote correctly.

There are also a number of convicted pedophiles that have said that in order to get access to more CP online they had to produce some of their own CP, either by hanging up camera's in changing rooms, or other worse methods.