Which is superior: BlueRay or DVD? -

Better picture quality, but DVD has better features and menus. And dvd does well enough. But laserdisc all the way bitch. Also fuck CED's


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I think I've said this several times before, including once within the past month or two; I prefer Blu-Ray quality but DVDs are much, much easier to play on a laptop.

Obviously the one you can play slowed down or sped up without it turning into a silent slideshow, VHS.

Maybe a few high end VCRs had audio during fast forward or slow motion with audio options but I think every VCR my family ever owned just had fast forward with the usual lines across the screen and a loud motor noise coming from the VCR but no audio playing and I think the highest end VCRs we ever owned, which were Sony's with that multi-speed fast forward/frame advance/pause/reverse frame advance/review (visual rewind) dial at the bottom of the remote, still didn't play audio at any speed other than regular playing speed.


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Holodisc or whatever million different formats were supposed to be the upgrades after blu-ray but the greater media industry abruptly gave up on because streaming is a goldmine for media conglomerates. There were formats coming out only a few years after blu-ray became standard that could have easily been much better but were never given any funding.


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More storage and better picture quality. Blu-Rays when mastered correctly objectively look better than DVDs. That said, I've noticed that a lot of Blu-Ray remasters have a tendency to color correct the shit out of the original movie, so in that case the DVD might be better.