Which is superior: BlueRay or DVD? -

Better picture quality, but DVD has better features and menus. And dvd does well enough. But laserdisc all the way bitch. Also fuck CED's

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The superior format is the ISO dump of an optical disc you downloaded sitting on your hard drive.

More storage and better picture quality. Blu-Rays when mastered correctly objectively look better than DVDs. That said, I've noticed that a lot of Blu-Ray remasters have a tendency to color correct the shit out of the original movie, so in that case the DVD might be better.
Review sites should pick apart the image and audio quality for individual disc releases. It's not just color correction, there are many aspects that can and do go wrong because of laziness, incompetence, or bad choices. So you could have a UHD Blu-ray 4K re-release with garbage on it, because that's the data they chose to put on the disc.


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Was there any unique features to hd-dvd?
Haven’t heard that name in years. But HD-DVD was more interactive, much like the CD-I. The only reason it really lost was because of the PS3 having a built in blue laser for blueray compared to the Xbox 360 only having an optional external reader for the HD-dvd