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Pog Mathoin

Of all of Amberlynn's personas, my absolute favorite would have to be NutritionistLynn, closely followed by Weight_Loss-Guru-Lynn. I just can't get past the irony of a 600 lb globule proclaiming herself an expert on food and exercise. Following those, I also have a fondness for CuntyLynn because she never fails to make herself look even more stupid than she actually is. Which Amberlynn is the best Amberlynn in your opinion?
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PhilosopherLynn is the one that makes me the least irritated on the internet. It's so funny to see her tiny mind blown by these shallow, elementary Hallmark level enlightenments and be so moved by them, that she is compelled to impart her discovery to the world, so we too can be amazed and intellectually elevated. That shit cracks me up.

The way she butchers and mixes metaphors would be charming coming from a three year old, but to hear them come farting out of a 600 pound gasbag trying to sound complex is the funniest, least enraging shit she does.

IlliterateLynn and MalapropLynn are also fucking delightful.

But goddamn, EducatedLynn and DoctorLynn rankles my shit like nothing else she does, though.


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Comedianlynn--she is the least witty person I've ever seen. This goes hand in hand with Sarcasticlynn because most sarcasm shoots right over her head,
Also--there's the ever deplorable Writerlynn; listening to this fatass gibber on about what a gifted writer she is kills me every time.
It occurs to me that all these "lynns" could be gathered together under the heading Delusionallynn, so I'll go with that.
And, don't forgot gorls--Al's exceptional writing can be found on wattpad. helloodaarling.


The best one for me will definitely forever be Working Amber--always complaining about work while doing absolutely nothing but patronizing residents, sitting on her phone, or finding ways to pack entire feasts for her lunches.
Uploads were more infrequent, but at least we had a wider cast of characters and she left her bed.

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WriterLynn cracks me up like none of her other personalities.

She writes worse than Onision, barely speaks her own native tongue, her stories read like awful fanfictions (said from a person that always enjoyed that side of fandoms and has been reading them for years), misspells even simple words and doesn't get all verbs right, not to mention that she uses randomly periods, commas, and semicolons.

The funniest thing is that she has no idea of how actually bad she is at building stories, characters, and even how she structures chapters absolutely sucks. There are stories on the internet written by 12yos that have a better sense of all these things (one of the most common tricks is to finish your chapter with a twist, so that the readers will go to the following chapter to see how it's resolved.

Oh, not to mention that she absolutely cannot see a deeper meaning in the media she consumes (when she recommended The Haunting, she said it was about "Drama", rather than it being a series about people learning how to cope with their tragic past and with the loss of their youngest sibling. It's interesting because it's what she's supposed to do but refuses to!). Since she cannot understand that stories have layers, her writing also doesn't have layers: everything is just... kind of there, like the infamous rain and petals eavesdrop.

I'm actually a bit sad she doesn't share her writing more: bad writing makes me cackle like a witch, and commenting it on the farms on a dedicated thread would be delightful, but at the moment all we have are the two Wattpad stories and the few poems she shared, all material that has been commented on time and time again.

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