Which Lolcow produced the most milk in 2017? - An early year end recap

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shalom motherfucker
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Isn't there a dude who actually does this thread at some point? I dunno.

But anyway, you can't beat @FuckYou for literally trying a mass shooting and getting cucked by a couch and getting the lowest score ever, despite being an obsessive Dramatica editor who studied school shootings apparently as his life study, then absolutely failed at shooting up a school he didn't even attend.

Nobody is going to beat this loser at being a loser.


Phthalo green is a basic bitch.
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@FuckYou definitely produced the highest profile milk. That said, Wu has produced a fairly consistent stream, and Russell Greer makes a good dark horse candidate for Lolcow of the Year due to in person Kiwi coverage of his most recent lolsuit and his entertaining online tantrums.