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Dominique Skye, dat phat ass, cause it could feed a third world country.

Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that once...it was alright I guess.
Moviebob, Jowls, boil them down and you’d have some nice head cheese. Wouldn’t need seasoning or nothin’!


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Wagyu farmers take great care to ensure that the animals never face any stress in their lives, and always have the best food to eat. I have heard of some farmers giving the animals high class chocolate to eat, because of some of the effects that cocoa has on the meat.

Which victim has the best diet and the least stress in their life? I am tempted to say DSP. He just waddles around his house and has his wife cook for him. But he HATES video games, after being forced to play them non-stop for his job 6 days a week. Or perhaps Christine, who has never faced any real adversity or obligation in his life. But he has the worst diet of potentially any human being in the world.
In that case, might I suggest Richard Jones (aka @Buffalo Bill)? Similar lifestyle as DSP but he still likes vidya. The guy even goes on holiday in mental hospitals when things get a little rough!

Thigh with some fava beans and a nice Chianti marinated in red wine would probably be my preferred cut, it's big enough to feed a family and one of the leaner cuts on him.
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Monica Rial, her chub rolls. She's fat so she can take care of my equally fat appetite and because I know the thought of gettin' eaten by someone would piss her off, giving her that extra delicioso flavor.


No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat.
The entirety of NormalBoots and Channel Awesome. It might make the best buffet dinner.

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