Which lolcow would you unironically sex? -


I don't lift out of principle.
If it didn't say "unironically" it would be easier, but let's see... I don't want to fuck any one of these, but if I had to it would either be:
Taylor Nicole Dean - only if she didn't catch some nasty shit during her heroin period, but I feel sorry for her (also, those lips are too much)
TJ Kirk (I have no idea why, he posts cute cat photos, don't judge me)

(People opting for Null- I'm not sure he counts, but I'm pretty certain about 50% of KF users would be able to at least metaphorically suck his dick under the right circumstances. So it doesn't mean a lot.)


I look like a teenager, so I'm scared of liu
Not sure if she qualify but Brittany Venti
Look at this, and tell me you don't understand why
BV 2.jpg



To be honest...yeah. I would. The problem is that she's short and weird as fuck.
And she's also better looking in clothes, rather than nude. I agree though

Zero Day Defense

Notorious R.E.E.
The broad that wrecked ProJared's marriage
I mean, Heidi is at least an attractive redhead that doesn't look terrible without the woman-mandated minimum of 30 pounds of makeup she wears on the daily and for her photoshoots. Too bad she's unwell.

You mean if she is, right???
Bipolar girls when manic... Totally hypersexual, and hyperactive.
Full of energy and DTF
No nookie is worth now having put a target on yourself for that episode or any subsequent one, unless you're willing to have a relationship with her wherein you support her emotionally-- but I don't think any one of you people are thinking about anything past the nut except for the Slip 'n Slide halfway across the country you prepared as your escape route.

anyways you guys are thots for actually answering the question

Zero Day Defense

Notorious R.E.E.
Not sure if she qualify but Brittany Venti
Look at this, and tell me you don't understand why
Venti's fairly attractive, for sure, but apart from the (albeit intentional, blatant, and ironic) cultivation of thirsty boys and men and all that implies about her person, all the deets collated here make her out to be a Persona 4 social link plot.

Like, one of the main ones.
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