Which lolcow would you unironically sex? -


You will not want it after reading the tags.
I disgust myself with the thought, but I'm curious what fucking Trisha Paytas would be like. Probably a mess. But she might be a manipulative crazy bitch who tries to make sex feel so good you feel you owe her one.


Martina Big. She looks like a train wreck, but I honestly think she means well enough and seems like she bathes regularly. I'd do Tara Strong too as long as she promises not to do pony voices while I'm doing her.
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True & Honest Fan
Lindsay, the asian-american chick that tried to shoot up people in a canadian mall. Forgot her last name.
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Francis Dollarhyde

And the woman, clothed in the sun.
Alinty for one night.
If I had to get it up and enjoy it somewhat, her. Or Laura Loomer, in a drugfueled bareback weekend in Vegas in a rundown casino.

For maximum effect, I would take Christine and record it all. Leave the door open while pounding her bussy so Barb can come see what the noise is, so I can look her dead in the eye and keep going. Who knows, she might join in and then I give them both a good figging. After which the "documentary" goes up on indiegogo so you all can pay me for the privilege of seeing Sissy's mangina devestated. Or Great Feeder Josh can buy it outright for 4 BTC.

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