Which lolcow would you unironically sex? -


Tell me about Phil! Why does he wear the vest??!!

Leah Tverly if I could somehow get her to wash and shave. I'd smash that shit so hard she wouldn't even give a fuck about what trans people got up to afterwards.
She's gonna look like she's got one of the boondocks kids in a leglock. I have a drinking buddy that always says "70s style!" and grins whenever he thinks of huge bush.

Is Eugenia Cooney a lolcow? I'd like to swaddle her and feed her ensure from a glittery goth bottle and take her to the park and shit.
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Mister Dongs

Only high-t women like Leah have the aggression levels to fight the feminist patriarchy, muscle tone despite engaging in little if any physical exercise and also sport a slime trail over their bellies.


“see what you did, engineer?”
Ive had a change of heart, I’d raw dog smugruko. I wouldn’t pull out and I would hate myself after the fact.


I feel like I can't be sure any of the lolcow's don't have various STD's due to their lifestyle.

Xenomorphs Are Cute

Sarah Wiedenheft, people from the Weeb Wars may know her as the "hypocrite who wanted Vic Mignogna to be jailed for never proven MeToo allegations yet wanted her pedo brother not to be punished, eventhough Police arrested him & he was a confirmed pedo some months later, who left with just community service & an official SO registration. She's not as much of a lolcow herself, but she is & I don't know the language of the farms well so it may be wrong, a horrorcow apologist.

Now, to the banging, I normally won't even approach her in her orignal (she's actually blonde & looks like a high, anorexic, 2010's "XD RAWR" Gamergirl version of Kristen Stewart as seen in the dox) & if her brother just happens to be somewhere near me then I may just have the urge to hit him, He just has a repulsive face in general.

But even I have to admit that the Redhead look was hot to me. These pics may be filtered to death, but they look good.

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