Which pesudo-intellectual LOLCow do you dislike the most? -

ScamL Likely

Where should I begin?
The "I read one book and will milk it for 5 podcasts"?
The insufferable voice?
Inability to take criticism?
Reading from someone else's book to replace actual arguments?
Thinking one commentary book gives him complete authority on a subject?

A pity he's too obscure to deserve his own thread.
The whole TRS crowd is fairly spergy but they're such nonentities that there's no real reason to hate them.


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I am not sure if he can be considered intellectual, but I'll add Jim Sterling, since many parrot his opinions without realizing how retarded they are. Not too long ago I recalled his slapfight with Digital Homicide and then I realized that he used video game market crash of 1983 as an argument against them shitting Steam with their games, which proves that he has next to no idea about why it happened. He probably has never even loved to play games, he just used them as a coping mechanism in his early life and then as a gravy train when life gave him the opportunity, in the end he just uses them to push his idiotic takes on politics and culture. And really, can you expect something else from a man, who's basically more degenerate angoloid version of Movie Bob?

Kyria the Great

I'm of the notion that youtube and any "streaming" debates serve no purpose except to turn into cheering on your favorite sports team where debate isn't on any actual concrete ideas, just vague ideas thrown by both parties with the first to use cheap tactics is to win the debate.

Mr Pancakes

There are so many to choose from and so many good choices made by posters here.

But I will say the amazing atheist for reasons I stated in another thread before-that his bitterness and anger stems from him believing the universe owes him something for existing rather than any genuine insights. Also for someone whos an edgelord who has said some really offensive shit its funny that hes easily triggered by fat jokes.


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Ian Kochinski, the dude who thinks he's the modern-day Friedrich Nietzsche when in reality he's the fat version of Steven Bonnell, has a weird and creepy obsession with horse cocks, believes that cp is okay and that the age of consent should be lowered.

The Great Wilder

Why are some of the most annoying pseudo-intellectuals British? Like Sargon, HBomberGuy, and Jen who are all also annoyingly smug, up their own asses about their politics, and who love to argue in bad faith to appear that bit more correct over the opposition.

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