Which pesudo-intellectual LOLCow do you dislike the most? -

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Shaun, formerly Shaun & Jen. Not only does he personified internet pseudo-intellectualism, but is also incredibly disingenuous and often argues in bad faith. Also the guy has been known to lie to his audience on more than one occasion. Most recently he admitted about lying about the content in the Bell Curve( some book from the 1990s) on a gaming stream.


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Sargon, “Papa” JF (actively pursuing intellectually disabled women as potential brides, what does that say) and (((Richard Spencer))) for the guys who have a thread.

There’s one I can’t stand that doesn’t have a thread on his own but he was mentioned several times in the Smart Guys community thread. Fucking Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s such a smug fucking asshole that any of his accomplishments get lost in his “yes I am much smarter than you” tone.


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Sargon and TRS, they managed to corrupt internet lingo to the point that now everything is cringe and having any kind of belief is "LARP".
it got to the point where people referred to immersion and roleplay in video games as LARP.


Does 20 year old me count?

But in actuality, this dude I know has this super power where he becomes an expert through auditory osmosis. If he hears an opinion enough he repeats it and when challenged he gets irrational.

He tried to tell me about how the RTX Titan was the best card for gaming, and I explained wtf a Titan is used for and showed him it's clock speeds in comparison to a 2080ti and he just... Is adamant on the power of a Titan.


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All the political lolcows drive me away so quickly that I can't even work up a hate for them. Just trying to read their threads gives a feeling like a fly buzzing around my head. A proud college dropout furry enlightened atheist writer pretending to be a quantum scientist while jacking off to Jeffrey Dahmer murders and making not even one single correct statement, however, is a glorious trashfire I can watch all day long.

Reminds me of the era of early 2010s tumblr when there were plenty of Whovians running around thinking they're Einstein reborn because they watched a couple youtube videos about fandom science.


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The lolcow I hate the most will forever be Nathan larson.

Although if had to pick which of the psuedo intellectual lolcows, I don't know. Probably Tom Preston because he's boring as fuck, but I haven't kept up with his thread in a while. While exasperating, Melinda is at least entertaining and fun to see getting her pants in a twist and point out implications she spouts from her lack of self awareness.


Everyone having to do with Breadtube. I've already long ago seen what absolute cows the likes of Sargon, AmazingAtheist, etc. Of the Skeptic Community of yesteryear were, Breadtube is falling down the exact same goddamn holes at an even much faster rate.

I'm just counting down the days one of these clowns pulls a FakeSagan and starts drunkenly waving a gun around on a livestream or some shit like that


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The ones that really do it for me are Mr. Atheist and Innuendo Studios.
Mr. Atheist is pretty much a time capsule of 2012 atheist YouTube with higher production value. Also, he looks like what I imagine the average Redditor looks like:

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