Which philosopher do you dislike the most and why? - Massive ego, autistic levels of verbosity, shallowness, degenerateness or just plain boring.


Why are you reading this.
I'll start with Pierre-Félix Guattari, a polygamous Marxist cuck who said to the woman he was having a affair with “have lots of lovers, but don’t leave me!”. Who wasted government money on abortions, who ran a mental asylum and let the patients run wild in riots in 1968.
Guattari was also married at various points in his life, and had several children to whom he was mostly absent. When he was present, he ruled over his kids with the same authoritarianism he exhibited as a leader of a worker’s brigade. He taught his eldest son Bruno to read and write at a very early age, in part by locking Bruno in a room with a pen and paper until he wrote an adequate amount in his diary.

But it was a good thing, because all of that spartan training Bruno received would come in hand when Guattari decided “fuck it” in regards to his younger children. After separating from his wife, Guattari told Bruno “I haven’t got the time, you take care of everything.” The plan’s results were less than stellar. Guattari’s daughter even had fungus growing on her head. When Guattari claimed in public that “parents are meaningless,” he must have forgot to add “but essential to stop foreign organisms from growing on your child’s head.”
He also would try to break up monogamic couples and destroy any hierarchies he could find, if he was still alive, I'd try and write a thread for him probably. So who do you dislike the most and why, you can also include self proclaimed philosophers and pseudo intellectuals.
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Every stoner ever.

ETA (8 Days later):

I didn't give a why. Here's a question I've heard from far too many Junior Aristotles;

"Did you ever think about what it would be like to see a new colour, one nobody's ever seen before?"

Yes, I was 7 years old once.

P.S. Aristotle was the only philosopher who was 1) Accessible, 2) Relevant and 3) Funny. That's not an opinion.
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Why are you reading this.
diogenes was a weird ass loser. lived in a fucking jar...dork.
Couldn't agree more, I get really irritated when people tell me that Diogenes is their favourite philosopher because he is "cynical" or because he can make a funny joke. That's just me though.
does marx himself count as a philosopher?

otherwise habermas
Actually not familiar with Habermas so I'm gonna read him, I read a little about "Frankfurt School" though so it doesn't bode well.
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Couldn't agree more, I get really irritated when people tell me that Diogenes is their favourite philosopher because he is "cynical" or because he can make a funny joke. That's just me though.

Actually not familiar with Habermas so I'm gonna read him, I read a little about "Frankfurt School" though so it doesn't bode well.
I have next to no time for the Frankfurt School, or their "intellectual" descendants in PoMo.

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As said, Diogenes for sure. He was a piece of shit when you think about it. He was homeless and lived off of the generosity of others while simultaneously shitting on them for actually caring about something. When his city was being marched on by invaders, while everyone else was trying to build fortifications and weapons to, you know, try and prevent everything they know from being burned and their women and children raped or carried off, he just rolled a clay jug around as fast as he could because
lol look I'm being equally useful lol
He was an edgy cunt and a total failure as a man in every way imaginable. Unfortunately in this day and age because of le edgy meme culture exceptional incels and le blackpill nihilists tout him as some kind of genius, when really he was just a proto-neet faggot that deserved to be made fun of, beaten, or executed.


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Thomas Malthus, the guy has been wrong at just about every turn and his ideas are a poison to every ideology that accepts them as fact.

I would say belief in his ideals has set the human race back on a number of occasions and been a driving force to some of our worst tragedies.

The Population Bomb was a bit of a recent reincarnation of these terrible ideas and the book was wrong on every front. The fact that Environmentalism is filled with his brand of bullshit is why I oppose a lot of its flawed premises.

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Probably Ayn Rand. Her philosophy is facile to the point of tedium, and she had a hubris about her that colored just about every argument she ever made; a hubris that definitely rubs off on her annoying followers.

The frustrating thing is, I actually do agree with a lot of what Rand was trying to say (certainly more so than many other philosophers I could mention), but whatever validity there is to objectivism is undermined by an unremitting tendency on the part of it's founder and acolytes to elevate general truths and useful teachings to the level of stilted, unquestionable dogma.

In short, Rand's philosophy overstates it's case to the point of absurdity, and makes people unsympathetic to something which actually isn't altogether a bad idea.


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(((Adorno))). His edgelord commie bullshit continues to cast a poisonous shadow over the studies of art, especially music. He also has a bizarre, self-serving moral system that allows him to blame everyone for anything bad that happened to the JEWS (I think I can fairly call him the Father of Jewish Victimhood). And although Adorno would probably hate postmodernism guts, his notion of "non-identity thinking" is one of the inspirations of postmodernists.

Pierre-Félix Guattari
He is also a Lacan fanboy, to the extent that he actually paid for the privilege to be Lacan's chauffer. What a cuck.
On the plus side, he actually did bring "the inmate running the asylum" to real life!
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