Which song do you hate the most? - Air your anger.


Wolf from family guy
Jun 8, 2020
I posted this a long time ago in another thread, but fuck it, it fits here too.
I hate almost every Hyperpop I've heard, but this definitely takes the cake as the worst. At least artists like 100 gecs can make songs that can pass as shitposts. This is ultra-cringe at best and a regurgitation of Twitter lefty takes at worst ("fuck Notch fuck Musk and I'll piss on Zedd" is an actual line).


In The Court Of The Rainbow Lion
Apr 18, 2020
'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are The Champions' are the songs i fucking dread hearing at any sporting event. God i feel bad for the people working at arenas who have to hear it all the time.

Micotil 300

💕 an enigma 💕
Apr 21, 2021
It seems that whenever I enter a vehicle or store, "good 4 u" by Olivia Rodrigo (another one of those Disney Channel child-actors turned pop-star) is on. I can't stand anything by her (other radio hits of hers including "driver's license" and "deja vu"), but "good 4 u" in particular just makes my blood boil. I understand that whiny breakup songs have existed for hundreds of years, and will continue to exist, but hers are particularly insipid. I'm not so cynical that I've forgotten that a breakup can feel like the worst-thing-end-of-your-entire-world when you're 17 or whatever she is, but it still gets old. In the wise words of Garth from Wayne's World, "Get over it. Go out with somebody else."

Honorable mention goes to various Christmas songs; they would rank higher if they plagued us more than once a year. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and that Hippopotamus one are my worst offenders.

Gar For Archer

ne of my swo
Jun 17, 2018
I despise California Girls with a passion. I don’t really hate Katy Perry’s other songs but something about this one makes my soul cringe on a deep fundamental level.


True & Honest Fan
Sep 26, 2019
Song #2 by Blur.

Still never bothered to translate that overplayed mush mouthed garbage.
That song gets a pass from me because it's a good learning song for electric guitar beginners. It's punchy and short and anyone can pick it up and learn it by the end of the day.

Song #2 was quite literally the second song I learned, after Green Day's Brain Stew.

Teddy Ursa

Jun 16, 2021
Hey Yeah by 4 non blondes. Just the name of the group annoys me. Gives me "not like other girl" vibes especially since the bitchy blonde prep girl was a really popular trope back then. I don't find the song horrible or anything, it's just all I can think of when I hear it