Who is a youtuber that has managed to stand the test of time in your eyes? -

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3kliksphillip. He's relatively newer, and mostly does analytical content for CS:GO, but occasionally does some satirical, nostalgic, or just generally high-effort stuff on his second channel as well. If you're into that sort of thing, take a look.

I can't really think of any content creator that hasn't fallen into a downward spiral that's also relatively old...

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Matthewmatosis. He's been around for 7 or 8 years, and while he doesn't release videos on a consistent basis, he's always been an excellent game reviewer to this day. His reviews of Metal Gear Solid and Zelda are still really good, by the way.

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A few smaller channels that I enjoy, that are good for goofy content but interesting tech stuff:

William Osman, he used to laser cut inane but amusing inventions, until his house burned down. But now he has a CAD router, and it's mostly business as usual.

Peter Sripol, builds aircraft of various types and sizes. I haven't checked in on his channel lately, but his ultralight build was pretty damn cool.

Alec Steele, blacksmith, is ok, but not great. He's way too hyper for me most of the time, and he stretches his stuff out way too long.
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I've mentioned him before, but I'm still a fan of Clint (LGR) I've watched his stuff for about nine years or so. Good game reviews, entertaining and informative tech/oddware videos. I even get a kick out of his videos where he's just fucking around at thrift stores. Doesn't sperg about politics or personal drama. Doesn't cultivate e-fame or pander to an exceptional fanbase. Not a deviant. Guy's just cool and laid back.

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