Who is a youtuber that has managed to stand the test of time in your eyes? -


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I like his old videos a lot more tbh, maybe it's just cause I was younger, but I think they felt more genuine because he was worse at being a performer at the time.
I came here to say Ashens, he's the only person in the world I'd get starstruck by these days.

Yeah, he's refined his banter to a science by now. Notice how when something takes longer than expected in a video, he never leaves dead air and comes up with something to say or noises to make. No awkwardness to it whatsoever now, those days are long in the past. We also don't see experimental stuff anymore, like Ashen's Tech Dump or his Noseybonk parodies. It's formulaic.

But I will always appreciate how he's a PHD holding, honest-to-God doctor of psychology who ended up making an entire career out of reviewing all sorts of things on his couch. Half a million pounds worth of schooling well spent.

Lou Wrong

Butthurt about Buddyloids
Hard4Games is a great retro gaming channel that focuses on obscure/unreleased/development stuff. Its pretty dang good and has been going on for way over 10 years at this point.

Retro Game Room or whatever it was called was great right up until he shilled out and made his only new youtube content ads.

GuruLarry is another old one who does good retro game content, though his schedule is pretty eratic.

Oh, and Yahtzee/Zero Punctuation of course, man can that guy keep a schedule.

Emptyhero is also okay in small doses, his channel is basically fucking with people. And I guess Dirty Potter is as well, his gimmick is editing children's audio books to say dirty stuff.


javascript is the future, Josh.
William Osman, he used to laser cut inane but amusing inventions, until his house burned down. But now he has a CAD router, and it's mostly business as usual.

Peter Sripol, builds aircraft of various types and sizes. I haven't checked in on his channel lately, but his ultralight build was pretty damn cool.
Osman and Stripol are great, they make me want to build stuff for no reason every time I watch some of their videos.
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Jerma. He's technically a streamer now but highlights are uploaded to his second channel, which is basically his main channel now. Across 7 years, he's managed to avoid any sort of controversy or drama, as well as not only survive a transition from YouTube to Twitch, but also manage to improve his content while doing so, which is rare. Like, I wouldn't expect anyone to make a fucking Nintendo Labo stream entertaining, but he does it.
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Shoe Nice. Literally.

Because he's been drinking caustic shit and slamming absurd levels of alcohol in one chug for a decade on Youtube, and as of three days ago that fucker still walks the Earth:
Jesus he's still going?

All I could think of in that video was:

Seriously though Metokur.

He's the Andy Dufresne of the internet. He just keeps swimming through the sewage to freedom.


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Jontron, as said earlier, and to a lesser extent Markiplier.

My son is more the one who watches Youtube, I've mostly absorbed it through atmosphere.

Also, I guess, Sargon in a way. He is so dedicated to his unemployable larping that he's taking literal minutes away from ignoring his wife's child to dress poorly in public. As ways to make sure you never have to (are able to) get a real job go, you have to admit it's impressive.


Purple Spergosaur
Cinema Snob, even when I disagree with him (be it on his leftist politics or some of his movie tastes), I can still admire the man for keeping a consistent upload schedule for 10 years and still having fun with both his content and his fanbase


videogamedunkey and Maximilian Dood.

Max is so damn pure the one time he slipped up with the n-word (of course, his situation was different from the typical "youtuber said bad word so racist") 90% of people poked fun at his super-worried reaction rather than complain about his "insensitivity".

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