Who is a youtuber that has managed to stand the test of time in your eyes? -

Guts Gets Some

"Sword=cock" -Susumu Hirasawa
RLM is the model everyone should strive for.

Do your own shit and don't pander or cater to what's trending or popular.


Told you not to worry
FilthyFrank, Idubbbz, anthpo.
I only use youtube to watch autistic shit or to listen to music when my music app is acting up.

Dessus de Jouet

I didn't read Hamlet but i do know Hamtaro
I actually liked videogamedunkey a lot when he used to put out brilliant, creative content about weird obscure games or just whatever random shit he thought about that day.
Now he just makes lame "watch me making loud noises when i play current FOTM big game, isn't that hilarious" videos and shitty self-serious "informative" content featuring the most boring, uninteresting Average Joe-ish opinions and tastes ever heard.
Such a shame.

Nova Prime

Narrow Minded writing, Overextended thinking
The AVGN will always have a special place in my heart knowing that he has been at his craft for years, separates his character from his real self, and manages a wholesome family behind the scenes.

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