Who is the least fuckable Lolcow? -


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Not a lot of cows are inherently ugly. Imo younger Nick Bate before he was fat was a good looking dude, (When he didn't smile). And 2004 Chris Chan was like 6/10 pretty average. I'd say the weird ones that nobody remembers like Vampriric Spektor and Nesshelper are usually legit ugly in general rather than just some poor lifestyle choice/crazyness.

Underrated most fuckable would be Matt Dickie, (if you can even consider him a cow) and YandereDev also get's a lot of shit for being ugly but he's really not that bad at all. IMO he looks better now as opposed to how he was as a young guy.


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As a human person in general, Shmorky. not that I'm in his preferred age range anyway lmao
As a lesbian... any of the ladies who are extremes in terms of weight on either side of the scale, like Anna Johnson or the Slaton sisters.

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ADF has to be up there. Not many cows can out-gross Chris, but by God he rose to the challenge. The story about him going into the hospital for trenchfoot because he never takes off his boots, Jesus I can't imagine how bad the fat turd must smell

I'm not into chicks, but I can't imagine many guys wanting to fuck Lupa either. She has aged horribly. 29 years old and looks like the woman in room 237 from The Shining. Personality like nails on a chalkboard as well.


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Russell Greer, in a very literal sense. He even admits he can't get action unless he pays money first.

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Chris these days. He's got his hubby magi-chan to distract him. That and he's probably has an std from how he treats his lower regions


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I'd say Anna Johnson. You know there's a huge fiery bush under there and as you set her on top of you poop would dribble out her stoma onto your stomach.