Who really invented the internet? - Because YouTube told me it was the French


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The first web was called DARPANET. It was meant for communications in case SKYNET/LEGION nukes everything. Maybe some Frenchies help idk
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I think the soviets almost created some bootleg russian computer network called OGAS before the internet was a thing
There were a bunch of networks like that, esp in Europe, all govt and academic networks like Minitel in France. Supposedly Soviets were using IRC during the 1991 Moscow Coup to get info from the outside world.

The Internet as we know it is based upon 'murrican tech used to make sure there would be comms in case of a thermonuclear war. Continuity of govt, and all that. Communications protocols like BBSes date back to the early CompuServe days - Chicago, 1978, 2 Americans built it and it was based off of networks used by the international bankers for at least a decade at that point. There weren't any "web browsers" till Tim Berners-Lee, true, (not HTML anyway - 'member Quantum Link? Prodigy?) but there were certainly textfiles and warez. Ham radio types were leading the tech revolution with packet radio and another ancestor of an Internet like technology, ALOHAnet, which is the main reason why there are so few IPv4 addresses due to the creator reserving those early for ham radio use.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to copy some philez I got from a packet radio server to tape from floppy on my Commodore 64.

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I feel like we keep forgetting that the internet and the world wide web are two completely different things. You can have the internet without the world wide web, but you can't have the world wide web without the internet. The great thing about the internet is not its ability to operate YouTube, Google, or Twitter. Its greatest achievement was the ability to communicate to others in different parts of the world.

Can't I still buy things via internet without the world wide web? Yes.

Can't I still send images, files, and videos to people via just internet? Yes.

Can't I still communicate to someone in La Buttfuck, France about how they're wimpy surrender monkeys using only the internet? Yes.

The world wide web just makes it easier for the average normie to navigate through it. I won't take that achievement away from the British, so they can have it. But the internet is the thing that may go down as the greatest invention ever, not the World Wide Web.


The Brits invented postal stamps, which is why UK stamps do not need to say "UK" on them.

Americans invented the Internet, which is why web URLs are US domains unless otherwise specified.

Not to disrespect the UK, but I seem to recall HTTP was developed by a Brit working in Philadelphia.