Who was the best/nicest Beatle? And who was the worst? - Britbong discussion.

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Who was the best?

  • Paul

  • Ringo

  • John ‍♀️

  • The other one

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Vocaloid Ruby

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Oct 9, 2016

The Beatles are one of the most successful bands of all time. Thus, people discuss the morals and motives of each of it's fucking ugly members. But which one was the best?

Personally, I think Paul is because he gave my dad a free jacket for working on his set and bought him drinks back in the day. Fuck that, his whole crew.


Red Hood

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Jan 15, 2018
George had some sweet guitar licks. He's tied with Paul for the Beatle whose solo work I listen to the most.
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Feb 10, 2017
I like most of George Harrisons songs the best, honestly. Paul McCartney would be next. I actually kind of like his other band, Wings, only for one song--Admiral Halsey.

Apparently Paul is nicer overall but that's just because he lived the longest.

Muncie Anderson

John R. Dequindre
Jul 1, 2014
Let's see...

John and Paul did kind of treat George like a secondhand citizen when the band was still together, but at least Paul would show some fulcrum of interest in working on any of George's contributions. Towards the end, John wouldn't even show up for any sessions if they were supposed to work on something George brought in.

Yet George would go on to have an affair with Ringo's wife in the '70s, and guess who caught them in bed?

For years after John's early '70s Rolling Stone interview, Paul had a reputation as a soulless and commercialized songwriter, thanks to John, who kept claiming he was the true avant garde one, and that he often let Paul ruin his songs by taking them in directions he never wanted them to go to. And let's face it, McCartney did record and release some truly banal stuff through his career.

So, my pick is Ringo, since he always seemed a lot more down to earth and approachable than the rest of the Beatles. Paul's gotten better as he's gotten older, but there was a long period of time earlier in his career where he wasn't getting the critical acclaim he so desperately wanted.