Who was your first LOLcow? -

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Superdemon-Inuyasha in 2007, where I watched raids happen and they got banned from DA briefly.

The first video I saw of Chris Chan was him demanding to get everything off the internet about his house with Bob coming in sometime in the Winter of 2009. I've been watching ever since when I happen to remember his existence and catching up on what's happening.

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DarkSydePhil, discovered him through another youtuber I followed a while back, incidentally discovered the cwcki forums through him but was too autistic to realize the answer to the "name a lolcow question".
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Ah, such memories... Starprincess is actually a reforming lolcow nowadays, though.
A friend of mine has kept tabs on her and she isn't, really -- claiming to be soulbonded to pretty much the entire Homestuck cast. Bitch hasn't learned a thing. I used to sit in on Skype calls with her when she'd sing [horribly] and pretend her soulbonds were singing with her.

Anyway my first lolcow was probably Spax3. I used to be friends with him and I now look back on those times with horror. I did manage to get free gifts out of it, though.


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Nick Bate.

I found out about him on r/cringe, they were was a conversation about the infamous poop video. Of course, I was both intrigued and disgusted so I had to find out more, and a google search lead me to this forum.
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Chris. I knew a minor lolcow and his family back in grade school. He wasn't a lolcow then, ust a smelly kid who once puked in the sink and the kid next to him puked on him.
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Chris was second but the eternal lolcow I knew in my life was applemilk1988 back in 07-08.


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Reymon14, then Mad Thad, then Jace Connors, the latter being what led me here and where I first learned of the term. Incidentally, I was introduced to all three via a friend of mine. I've known about Chris Chan for a while and occasionally visited the CWCki, but I was never all that invested in him until recently. When I first heard of him, I thought he was a :ruse:.
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Since I've known of CWC since basically the beginning I would have to say it was him.
But the first time I remember laughing at someone based on their online presence was a fat goth kid on Newgrounds who posted art which was literally recolors of windows media player icons, he also posted a shirtless picture with him holding one of those fantasy replica swords. That must've been maybe in 2004-5 or something along those lines.
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