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Who was your first LOLcow?

Discussion in 'Lolcow General' started by Pikonic, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. David Gonterman and Divine Angel, I also followed CWC when his ED page was just one of many.....and look good old Chris now,man the time goes so fast.
  2. CWC is one of the first. Back in '07, my brother tells me about a site called EncyclopediaDramatica and a guy who drew a crappy comic called Sonichu.

    The first was a guy on DA called MikeMedia. He was this inflation fetishist who either chimped out over criticism, or flat out ignored it and made the same mistakes over and over. People who used to be nice and try to help him did a 180, and started to troll him. Mike would blow up into poorly spelled insults and ravings, and it was hilarious.

    Sadly, Mike has since deleted the pics where the trolling went on.
  3. Mine was Toobis (Tubis? Who the fuck cares how it's spelled). You know? The obese canadian nutjob who would brag about beating his mom.

    First one I ever personally dealt with was Dumuzi-ouji on DA, though. That thing's a nightmare.

    Feel free to visit it. It still refuses to leave the interwebs
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  4. I talked about this in private, but I have known about DSP for many years now. It was a completely happy accident to have found him in 2009 but off and on, I would keep up with what he was doing and how many people has pissing off, even going as far as to watch YouTube channels like DSPCultLeader and seeing what they had to say about him. I would say he was my first cow long before I even knew what a lolcow was.

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  5. Mine was Disneyfan01 when i used to lurk in deviantart.
  6. Mine is probably BitingBeaver, the then 34 year old radical feminist single mother who went on a tangent because she caught her son jerking off despite her "teachings".
  7. My first lolcow was Chris-chan. I discovered him back in April 2009, if I remember correctly. I think this was sometime after BlueSpike made Chris shove his medallion up his ass. I forgot about him for a few months, but then I rediscovered him in December 2009. I then followed his antics for a year.
  8. Like most people, I started off with CWC, although I learned about him after all of his troll sagas were over. The first cow I truly followed was Brianna Wu.
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  9. I've seen a few oddballs but the first real lolcow was good ol' CWC himself. I became aware of him quite late into the saga, he was already doing his trans-lesbian-whateverthefuck thing so I had a lot to catch up on. What a ride that was.
  10. I remember watching something on TV about a cult leader who said things like, "I will give you gold" even though said gold was really gold-colored aluminum foil. If I remember correctly, she also claimed that she was the reincarnation of Tomoyuki Yamashita. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomoyuki_Yamashita
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  11. Mine was chris. We were on the Blanca Weiss saga but i was to young to really understand something about it .-.
  12. First "Cow" I ever heard about was when I was 8. He's a horror cow and it's a story I will share this year when I get my goods together. I'm thinking about making a youtube video and going viral.
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  13. while i'm not entirely sure if she was my first real lolcow because it was so long ago, she's the first i really remember.

    i use to frequent gaia online back when i was a young teen. i went through a minor scene phase a few years after i joined and began hanging out in the GD board (i'm not sure if it's the same now, but at the time it was filled with "scene kids" acting a little too vulgar, as if they had just learned what the word 'fuck' meant).

    there was this one user, a "prommie", named sith lord ali. he was an androgynous scene kid who liked talking about how homosexual he was. everyone fawned over him and kissed his ass for internet points. by then i was already growing out of my one week scenester phase, so i didn't get involved in the circlejerk.

    later on, sith lord ali came out with some shocking news: he was actually a she, and she'd been parading as a gay boy to escape reality and her emotionally abusive boyfriend.

    i'm not sure of how much of a lolcow she really was, but at the time it was pretty crazy.

    https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Sith_Lord_Ali her ED article. ED is down, so i could be getting some info wrong, but it's been almost 10 years now.

    i also discovered winter rose around the same time. i always found her kind of endearing.

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  14. The furry Fandom collectively. Absolutely ridiculous
  15. CWC, although the first lolcow that lead me into these forums and knowing what a lolcow actually was, was idislikecispeople.
  16. God, I'm an old fart. The first eccentric internet personality I ever saw... really can't remember who that was. The first one who left a long-lasting impression was probably either Gonterman or Jennifer Diane Rietz.
  17. Gonterman all the way baby
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  18. DivineAngel, back when I was a teenage little shit on Devianart.

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  19. Phil was my first lolcow
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